Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Response To Trinitarian James White

This is my reply to James White on youtube as DrOakley1689 - His response to Anthony Buzzard.

James White in his reply makes hypocritical and insulting statements to explain how his cobbled together, false Trinity doctrine works.

He wrongly assumes the Trinity and that Yahweh is Jesus in every text. Yet, he claims that only us "blind" Unitarians assume that One actually means One.

For his information, Kyrios cannot be assumed to be Yahweh. YAHWEH CANNOT BE A HUMAN... and His sacred name should not have been altered to Kyrios ...lowering Its status where in the Greek it can mean BOTH a human honorary title, lord, Lord Jesus or Our One Lord God.

Psalm 110:1 in the Interlinear....maintains the name of Our God (Yahweh) and speaks to my lord (ladoni) Messiah. If Jesus is Yahweh.....we sure do not see it here...because there is ONLY ONE YAHWEH...and He does not change.

In case Trinitarians cannot see, Paul makes every effort to separate The One God, who alone is the Father with the One human lord Messiah Jesus.....but James White is blind to that.

Kyrios is Greek for lord and is used as BOTH the title for human lords and masters, and Lord Jesus AS WELL AS The ONE Lord God.....which the Trinity doctrine falsely asserts is Triune. It is not hard to see this, just by looking at the 177 times it used in the NT.

James White denies that the True Man Messiah Jesus can be honored just as the Father is honored....unless the Messiah is Yahweh...

James are the one that is veiled....and you have failed to prove that Yahweh is Jesus. James White claimed in a debate that Isaiah 43:10 PROVES that Yahweh is Jesus.

James White, how many are DECLARING in that VERSE? let's see

You are My witnesses,” declares 1) YHWH (the Lord) 2)“And My servant .....whom I have chosen,  So that you may know and believe Me And understand that I am He.

James White ...are you BLIND to seeing there are TWO HERE DECLARING?

1) Yahweh and 2) The servant of Yahweh are BOTH declaring in the text


Of Course it is Lord Jesus.... So then it is Clear that Jesus IS NOT YAHWEH.....but only Unitarians are not blind to this Truth.

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