Thursday, May 05, 2016

The U.S. Private Sector Has Failed To Provide Adequate Affordable Lodging and Housing

The housing shortages that have been going on in the U.S. since the late 1980's in various and widespread locations, receive very little media attention. If a local housing shortage is even mentioned in the media, there is only superficial coverage on the news report; perhaps announcing a statistic of 1% vacancy. By then, the situation is already causing tremendous stress and homelessness in the community.

Such a lack of adequate media coverage is stunning, given the fact that housing is the most expensive part of every household. The corporately owned media fails to inform the local community about the hardships and suffering of its poorer citizens, who are adversely affected and their housing needs neglected by the profit-driven, local building authorities.

These urban planning and development shortfalls are prima facie evidence that the private sector has utterly failed to build smaller, detached homes and other alternative housing projects required by the increasingly transient, poorer, aging, and unmarried U.S. population.

It is twenty years past the time for a Democratic Socialist solution and plan at the Federal, State, and Local levels to serve the overwhelming nationwide lack of affordable housing and basic shelter needs for its people.

I am here to expose the hypocrisy of the popular U.S. rhetoric of uber-nationalism that is disingenuous; as the country prides itself and continually boasts and honors itself as being "Greatest".

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