Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Word 'Incarnation' is Not in Scripture...So Why Is It Taught?

The Word 'Incarnation' is Not in Scripture....yet over the last 1800 years, why has this error been taught?

We have to be careful NOT to presuppose ideas from Non-Biblical words and insert them into a true understanding of Scripture.

The Greek word for Incarnation is [ενσάρκωση]
Transliterated to ensárkōsē is an embodiment

Try to find this word in the is not there...

John 1:14...."the Word..... BECAME [Greek ἐγένετο *(egeneto)].... Flesh" 
This is not an incarnation... *(egeneto) is an objective change
from one condition, one **place, or one estimation to another

God's Word and the Spirit of the Lord from **Heaven (from one **place) dwelled in fullness and lived out through and in a MAN [to **another place (the world)]....

...As the coming of the Lord Messiah Jesus, who became flesh in 3 BC in the womb of Mary...

Lord Jesus claimed, and the holy Spirit affirms Him to be the Declaration or Word of God John 1:1, The Bread from Heaven, John  6:32 Matt. 4:4 and the Son of God from Heaven...John 11:27

But, it is CLEAR that He is NOT Claiming to be the ONE True God Himself....John 17:3

No unnecessary, mythical trinity needed...

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