Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Popular World Religion : Willful Ignorance Of The Truth Of the One True God

This post is a universal answer to those, (like my brother, Max), who claim to have made up.."their own [god] and religion." This is currently, a very popular and growing notion in the world.

Beliefs are not "scientific"....but they are universal and more VALID than the material realm; with a world and humans which are subject to death, suffering, illness, loss, lack, evil, and corruption.

This world will die....and all not accepted into God's Kingdom, will be subject to a judgment of contempt against them and if found wanting...their future is death everlasting; as they are burned up to extinction...if they so CHOOSE to deny and disobey this Gospel of the Kingdom of God which Lord Jesus preached..and His Apostles and disciples continue to preach also!

I follow the Lord Messiah...because He has commanded this; as God's Mediator between Him and all men as written in God's New Covenant to Israel (written in our hearts), which God has allowed us (gentiles, without God and without hope in the world) to be given spiritual knowledge and evidence....that is ONLY available to those HE Chooses to reveal God to.....Matt. 11:27....

Of course, Scripture completely backs up Our Faith...But again, I need to reveal this below:

There is a spiritual enemy and thief who wants to steal and obfuscate, and suffocate to death this Truth that was and is and will be ONLY revealed perfectly and Truthfully in ONE PERSON...Lord Messiah Jesus...

But that enemy has a fiery future....and so does his children.

Until, one comes to Lord Jesus as His Father and God draws him....and one first confesses the Universal Creed that God exists as revealed by Creation....and then hears the Gospel Of the Kingdom Of God revealed by Lord Jesus....and OBEYS It...

Until, that confession of faith in Lord Messiah Jesus occurs in our hearts and with our mouths at a point in our lives  ..Everyone would be lost....forever.

That first step toward the *Declaration ( logos ) revealed in Messiah Jesus is the beginning of all Hope...of Salvation by Our God through Messiah Jesus....provided by the AMAZING GRACE of Our God revealed in the Flesh in Lord Messiah Jesus and in Holy Scripture...Genesis through Revelation.

Knowing the Truth personally...[I AM] FREE...because I was made free.....John 8:31,32...having been Born Again from Heaven by receiving the Spirit of Christ to dwell in me through the Grace and Goodness of God, who was drawing me to repentance of my former lusts and sinful disobedience to Him; and leading me to obedience to the Gospel Of Messiah Jesus.

Every Word from the Mouth Of God is Truth....Matt. 4:4

He that has ears to hear, let him hear   Amen.

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