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Shedding the Light Of Unitary Monotheism On John 1:1-3

1) Trinitarians use this verse to show that Christ made the world and its contents. However, that is not the case. What The Lord has taught is learned from the study of John 1:1 ..(the Logos was not a Person until Messiah was born) and it will be helpful in properly interpreting this verse.

    John 1:1-3
    (1) In the beginning was the Proclamation [the logos (the Proclamation of the purposes of God through His Son, Messiah Jesus)], and the Proclamation was unto God, and God was the Proclamation (the Proclamation was conceived by God).
    (2) The same was in the beginning with God.
    (3) All things were made by It [the Proclamation of God]; and without It was not anything made that was made.

2. The pronoun in verse 3 can legitimately be translated from the Greek language as “it.” It does not have to be translated as “him,” and it does not have to refer to a “person” in any way.

 A primary reason why people get the idea that “the Word” is a person is :  the pronoun “he” is used instead of the English word "it.."

Obviously we need to study the have an accurate we do not get artificial inferences...which end up as "Trinitarian" doctrines.

The "Him"..the Scripture is revealing is the [Conception] of The Word that was with God....The Genesis Of Lord Jesus was a Conception of the Will and Purposes of Abba Father...that became flesh in the womb of a Jewish virgin in 3 BC.

In John 1:1, and 14..."Word"....( Greek logos) does NOT refer to a Person.....but logos Biblically means "Proclamations".

If we as those made in the image Of God.....conceive of a WAY.... that we are going to 1) have an obedient son, and a loving family and 2) build a house for him to rule over it......these plans are not a Person...they  are our "Logos" Our Word (that we have conceived with our wills), that is with us.....

Lord Jesus is the Logos (the Word conceived by the one True God)...that became a Person at pre-existing "God/person"..or mysteriously questionable "trinity " all.

I am not a parent , but I know that I was conceived in love by my Parents..(that our God has intended to become one flesh in the marriage covenant foreordained by Our God.). I believe that Our Father structured His Will for marriage, so that we, as followers followers of Lord Jesus, could more readily understand the relationship between Our Father and His (Our) Son through Him.

The Father and Lord Jesus were, is and will be....One (God and the Man, Messiah Jesus.. perfectly united in holiness and godliness for God's Will and Purposes ) ....John 10:30 and the Beloved Jesus was conceived In the Love of Our God and In His Holy Name of His Goodness and His Kindness...Eph. 2:7..

But, the  Trinity™ is unnecessary for this True Word of God from the mouth of Lord Jesus to be BOTH HE AND IT (God's Word) AT THE SAME TIME...are the Truth...

Notice, that our God is Holy and Spirit.......but flesh and persons (Creations) are common....but Abba Father is the One who chooses that which is Holy unto HIM...

The Law is Holy because it was made from God.....Lord Jesus is Holy, Holy, Holy (yes, a biblical trinity that is from Scripture) .....because He came from Abba Father as:

 1) Holy according to the Law of every way to the full....(the first born to God and to Mary and Joseph).. Unique in every way and especially His the Word of God that became a Person with a Name in the Flesh..and had physical, human Jewish parents.

2)Holy spiritually in every way to the full...the ONE and ONLY begotten Son of God....the fullness of His God and Father dwelling in him...his holy positions as Messiah (holy, there is no other), Lord (holy, there is no other Man exalted by God to Lord at his right Hand), holy Prophet (who uttered things from before the Foundations of the World) holy King (the only Everlasting Father from the holy lineage (Son of David) who is to come and rule the World...holy High Priest (Hebrews 7:1-3).

3)Holy in His Creation physically in every way to the full...descended from God's holy servants ....Abraham, Isaac, Israel, Judah, King David, and without Sin and created by the power of Abba Father's holy Spirit.

This is clear that Lord Messiah Jesus is not merely a common man, which is the Trinitarian's straw man and their weakest argument.

This, in no way that this is exhaustive, but there is plenty of meat of His Word here to chew on....our Father tells us that in the ages to come His Goodness an Kindness toward us in Messiah Jesus will be known in its we only know the Truth "in part"...1 Cor.13:12.

Thanks for reading, I pray that these mini Bible lessons are helpful and "eye-opening."

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