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Everything Was Made For Lord Jesus By ABBA Father, His God (Who Is NOT A Person)

Everything was made and designed for Lord Jesus, by Abba Father. Col. 1:16

Even human language was made for LORD JESUS; Every person on earth needs to hear the word of the Lord spoken and the Gospel of Salvation in Messiah Jesus in their own language.

More specifically, personal pronouns revealed in Scripture or spoken by holy Prophets of God; were designed by Our Father to help us understand our Lord (the mouth of God, the Bread and Manna of God...Matt. 4:4) and Himself, the One and Only True God and His Will and His*Declarations...*logos (of John 1:1)..made through His Son.

If these personal pronouns in Scripture ascribed to our Lord Jesus and our one True God are not properly understood, this can lead to confusion about the knowledge of Our Father in Heaven; who is ONLY **TRULY revealed through Lord Jesus; ONLY to whom He Wills to reveal His Father. Matt.11:27

**Many will read Scripture, and come in His name...claiming, "I know Him"...but LOOK CLOSELY at their FRUIT..and their NOBLE, like the Bereans, and do not be deceived by false notions of the Truth about the One True God.

Sadly, many "atheists" who read the Bible, can CLEARLY see that Our God NEVER refers to HIMSELF as a PERSON.....but..REFERS to HIMSELF as [I AM]...and likewise, His Son, The Person Messiah Jesus follows in His Father's *Proclamation *(logos)...[I AM statements in John 8 and other places] referring to Himself as the Son of God, Messiah, Son of David, King greater than Solomon, Manna and Bread Sent from Heaven, the Way, the Truth, the Life, etc. 

Matt.11:27...Lord Jesus declares that HE ALONE is the ONLY WAY (the Way) to the TRUE  KNOWLEDGE of the Father (the Truth).....which is : Everlasting Life of the ages to come (the Life)...John 17:3

Think about it, how many denominations and factions within the assemblies of Our God are splintered off just because of the differences of interpretation of the Greek language, which preceded English translations of Scripture!  I can think of a few.

Today, I want to focus on the most troubling to me. It is almost a universal assumption (an error in understanding) that even notable Biblical scholars maintain...without even blinking their eyes!

They call our Father in Heaven....A PERSON !!!  What ?!!! Why?!!!

Just because there are personal pronouns in OUR language? Do angels consider Our God a Person? Did Lord Jesus His Son consider His God to be a PERSON? NO WAY, according to  MY understanding of Genesis through Revelation given to me by Lord Jesus.

Are we humans THAT carnal-centric in our thinking, that we are to ascribe to Our God in Heaven the elements contained in the flesh? Could it be that we have ignorantly made our God into our image (PERSONS) just because of personal pronouns in Scripture (that were designed by our God for the purposes He supplied to us through Christ Jesus?).

Seriously re-think (repent) this, my dear friends. Beloved ...WAKE UP!!!

God is not a PERSON! GOD IS SPIRIT...REVEALED in these last days through ONE HOLY Person..His Son, Messiah Jesus. Heb. 1:2

This is what Lord Jesus (the ONLY ONE who KNOWS THE FATHER perfectly...Matt.11:27) has declared below:

John 4:24 "GOD IS *SPIRIT; and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

*Spirit [Greek - Pnuema] (Singular,  Echad, One).....


I believe that a first century Jew would have laughed, or thrown stones at anyone who called their God "a person". I just shake my head, these evil days, and feel like John the Baptist....the lone voice crying in the wilderness of the 21st century NOISE and this bad theology...!!! PLEASE...!!!  

Because this is SO IMPORTANT....the True Knowledge of who ABBA Father and His Son is: the Life Of the Ages to come as PROCLAIMED (John 1:1..In the beginning was the *Proclamation *[logos] )  here...John 17:3....

Re-think...your theology, people of God !!! Re-think your theology !!!

I know, most of you are concluding, "We can deduce that God is a person, because of our personal relationships with His Will, His Thoughts, His Communication, His Creation, etc.

 BUT...there is *ONE word that humans need to this commonly known verse, that sets Our Holy God apart from being a person...and **THREE words together that have split denominations for centuries...and those are revealed here:

Gen.1:26 Then God said, "Let Us make man { **IN OUR *[Image] }...according to Our likeness;...

**[IN OUR IMAGE], are all mankind God?...of course, not !!!

What does the word *[Image] or **[likeness] Mean? Here is a clue: *

Gen. 5:3 When Adam had lived one hundred and thirty years, he became the father of a son in his own **[likeness], according to his image, and named him Seth.

So, as the Lord God in Holy Scripture CLEARLY defines *[Image] of the Father ...the CLEAR meaning of this word is NOT being Identical to the Father, but the image of the Father is perfectly able to REVEAL the Father.

Then, here is the begging God a Person?  No...absolutely NOT!!!  Humans are MADE in the *[IMAGE] OF HIM which, Biblically, means a PERSON, man, a HUMAN being.

Persons can and do CHANGE....God cannot and DOES NOT CHANGE...Mal.3:6. Persons can and do DIE......God is NOT BORN and DOES NOT DIE...Psalm 90:2.  Persons are veiled in Adam, the first ♥CREATED PERSON veiled in flesh was.  Gen. 2:7

...As was Lord Jesus..He Is (I AM) A HOLY Human Person SENT FROM GOD John 8:42.....One [monogenes (Greek)] Son sent by God John 3:16,  Human Mediator between Our One True God (NOT a person) and Men (persons)  1 Tim. 2:5 ...Messiah and Lord. (Genesis through Revelation).

How about this CLEAR verse...where Our God refutes both His "personhood" and *the "Trinity"...

19"God is not a man (or a person), that He should lie *(or die, or change, or sin, or do evil, or bake a cake) .... Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?"

*parentheses are my clarifications of the OBVIOUS, which sadly needs to be stated in this age of a 21st century stupor aka "Aquarian enlightenment"...LOL.

Therefore, the only CREDIBLE and Biblical definition of a person is: "♥one created in the IMAGE of God and veiled in Flesh" JC GOODMAN

I am open to debate on this...but you have a tough row to hoe....
Because, Scripture and my understanding from Lord Jesus by faith...backs me up...completely...



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