Friday, April 08, 2016

Deficiencies and Wounds In The Unnecessary Trinitarian Theology That Cannot Be Healed

Deficiencies In The Unnecessary Trinitarian Theology:

Trinitarian Theology proponents have NEVER healed these gaping wounds in their error.

1) God is the Father....and Only the Father......1 Cor. 8:6 ..and the thousands of SINGULAR PRONOUNS ..I and HE (not We and Us)...The Only reason He is called Father is because He Made Lord Jesus His Son and His Word...for the reference to HAVE TRUTH (the whole counsel of God's revealed Word Genesis to Revelation) ....John 1:1-14

2) the ONE True God is Indivisible ...John 17:3, Mark 12:29

3) If Jesus Is God why do the NT greetings distinguish Him from the Father?....Because Messiah is FULLY HUMAN and Filled with the Fullness of God...Col. 2:9

4) Being Filled with God ..does not equate to BEING GOD HIMSELF.....if a person is filled with anger (or anything) that person ANGER ITSELF? No !!!!!! Mark 10:18....
Lord Jesus declares.."only God is Good"

5) The temptations of the Lord while on Earth...and CLEARLY God Is Not tempted. James 1:13

6)The Death of Lord Jesus while on Earth.....God cannot die...He is without BEGINNING and without End...Immutable, Immortal...Malachi 3:6 Psalm 90:2

7) Lord Jesus Had a Beginning...John1:14, Matthew 1, Luke 1

8) Lord Jesus Is a Holy Creation...Col. 1:15

One cannot spin...CLEAR SCRIPTURE ....and remain in the Truth

Just confess that MANY would rather be wrong and stick to their traditions....

Than confess their faults and be healed...and come into the UNITY of the TRUE FAITH....given to US by our Lord and His Apostles

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