Tuesday, March 08, 2016

USA vs The Assembled States Of America....Which Is A More Accurate Apellation?

Nations, just like people have Names and Titles....In the case of the USA....this is how I understand it.

Her Name is called America, and her Title is the [United States] of America. But, educated and discerning people, who are not blinded by nationalistic zeal...can clearly see that America has not lived up to the all important word...."United"; in her current uber-divided condition.

She is divided, through and through...as I have demonstrated in "The New Pledge For America". I and others with like minds, pray for a True Allegiance to the Only True God and Our Lord Messiah Jesus for the good of America and to help America reform and revert to Its **pre-1960 unity....and her positive influence and contribution to the world.

This new "Pledge" is way more humble, honest, and certainly, no less than: a prophetic call to a divided nation, in which, huge parts of her continually make lofty and uber-nationalistic claims. (like, America allegedly having delivered to the world THE ONLY nation with a solid "Christian Founding" and the ever popular, but hollow...."The Greatest Country Ever In The World" as discussed here: (and are we "united" at all in that debatable, and proud notion?)...

just like the current message STILL is from the prophets of the Lord: Repent and Obey the Gospel Of The Kingdom Of God Through Jesus Christ The Lord.

Sometime between 2000 - 2004, *I wrote this pledge..and (I have amended it over the years) and finally posted it here:

The New Pledge For America

I Pledge
To not be indifferent to
The Divided State of America
And to the greedy, corporate Plutocracy
For which this nation has fallen

The disunited racial, lingual, ethical,
Multinational, and multi-level; economic aggregation

Rotting progressively
In vanity, pride, and cultural decay
Which values profit and self-interests
Far above people and community

With liberty and justice drowning
Amidst its rising tides of
Hate, murder, discord, and poverty

Openly negotiable
For the hallowed "market price"

*JC Goodman

Matthew 24:12  "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold".

* JC Goodman is my pen name

Therefore understanding, that both people and nations are called: not by the letters of an inapt title...but by HOW THEY ACTUALLY BEHAVE and the fruit that they produce; both individually, as people and collectively, as a nation.

Because of the ongoing and current ***post-1960 perpetual state of an extremely divided State of America;  me and (and many who think like me); long for her return to the former **pre-1960 title of "The [United States]...

Sadly, we have not been able to address America as The "United" States without cringing....although we ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER and STAND BY HER with the appropriate commitment required of a Citizen of Her....and as ambassadors for Our Lord Messiah Jesus. These are the solemn and virtuous understandings which I and many others are blessed to be able to confidently avow.

For, we are NOT here ... to tear America down....but to repudiate her false and self-exalted PRIDE; to take It down a few pegs...BECAUSE WE LOVE HER......and want the best for her and all who call this land "Home".

I think that Michael Moore would agree with me on this....as I do not know him...but I understand what he is trying to do. Like me, he and many others want to help in making this place, called America reform into "A MORE PERFECT UNION" ( from the famous U.S. Constitution preamble)...so how can we be any MORE "American"? Tell us!

Because My First Allegiance is to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ...that I have pledged to Give My Life For and Die for Him If I am Called to....

So, the new, apt and humble title for the USA is merely: The Assembled States of America or ASA.

And when there is a return and a restoration to **pre-1960-"United"-States-style unity again in the future, if and when America repents.....I and many others will gladly call her the United States of America....without cringing...

That said....I hereby tell you that I will not seek an election to any government office that requires me to to alter the place that Allegiance to my LORD would be compromised for any position, man on earth, or country on earth.

Give me Liberty...or Give me...The Gospel of the Kingdom Of God through Jesus Christ The Lord...of whom I am a servant and a preacher.

** before 1960, the US was not perfect; but access to "the American dream" was very much alive, but Institutional Racism was still a gaping problem...and poverty in the US was nearly monolithic among the people descended from those who were enslaved here.

***after 1960....we see a major paradigm shift. We see the US, and especially younger people who got fooled into becoming self-focused and elevating what divides us from one another (race, age, class, status, language and national heritage)...rather than what unites us a country.

...and I am a child of this great divide...for I was born in 1960 !!!

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