Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Questions For Trinitarians

Have you ever considered how the unnecessary "Godification" of the Lord Jesus in the "Trinity".....diminishes the awesome Power of the One True God (Abba Father Only)..?

And the AMAZING TRUTH that Lord Jesus did and still does ALL HE EVER WILL DO as a WILLING CREATION MADE FROM and BY ABBA Father !!!!!!!!

And diminishes the Awesome accomplishments of the WORD of ABBA Father who SPOKE INTO BEING a willing, ONLY Begotten SON... MAN...and not to mention...

the whole History of the World that ABBA Father Planned through Messiah ( The Word Of God made Flesh)....HIS PERFECT SUBMISSION UNTIL DEATH !!!!!

Which is EXACTLY WHAT Christians are called to: Following Lord Jesus In  [His Way] to the Father, [His Truth] from the Father, [His Life] of the Father...

..Being Faithful in Obeying Our Lord Jesus Until death or the Lord's Return.

If He was God the Son of a Trinity...why was this LEARNING/Suffering ....needed and endured by the whole Human race since Adam....until  Messiah and still continues ? ...Hebrews 5:8

There is no Biblical Trinitarian answer for this.....but if you can cobble one together...bring it!

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