Sunday, March 13, 2016

Democratic Socialism....Why Has It Been Demonized By The Religious Right?

Because this year is a Presidential election year in America, I will have to set the record straight about the erroneous characterizing and demonizing of "Democratic Socialism" the religious right in the U.S.

As right-wing political hacks dredge up their daily scare memes and divisive "talking points"; they are viewed by the listening public as political gurus; as they each divine their self-exalted calling. Day after day, they spin their biased political opinions into patently false dichotomies of "us vs them" (Because fear and outrage sell during times of national woes).

This behavior is no less than baiting the closed-minded devotees of partisan talk radio and TV; on the plethora of our nation's corporate media air waves. What's it all about Rush-ie?...Annie?...Billo?

The more open-minded among Americans; especially the highly educated, 16 - 28 years of age; have already conceded that this brand of "Socialism" to be more akin to the former United States in this era: post-1934 and pre-1981 America; (with its highly progressive income taxes, its fair and just offering to U.S. workers a "living" minimum wage, Social Security, and Medicare).

That era typifies what "Democratic Socialism" looked like in those former years; where the country as a whole experienced the satisfaction of a way more "United" States of America. Finally, our country is being offered this rational alternative to the broken, gridlocked and anti-progressive status quo that has left Washington in a state of desolation of soul.

The message as heralded and defined by the current candidate for President; Bernie Sanders makes his uncompromising "Socialist" intentions known as a positive and hopeful return to post-1934 and pre-1981 American economic policy. But, what Senator Sanders intends, isn't even close to the brand of iron clad "State Socialism" observed in the former USSR.

First, I want to say (something that few can say, because Vermont is such a small State) that I lived in Vermont from 2001 to 2003. I made my living as a barber-stylist in Essex Junction, VT. This is a State that is mostly rural and ultra-conservative politically....(trust your barber to know these things from our many interactions with the public; as we cut and style your hair). This was one of the few shops in the county and surrounding counties, so I met lots of men and some women from a 40 mile radius.

The political phenomenon of Vermont has played out; mainly because of Burlington, VT and the UVM both in Chittenden County, comes into play because of the more concentrated populace of students, younger people, as well as progressive and liberal thinkers. This county is also unique in that : it is populated by roughly 25% of the State's population!

So, now we can see that Vermont is like a political creme-filled doughnut; Chittenden county is heavily liberal (the creme) and the rest of the State is very rural (farmers, hunters, and retired persons) and the owner of the barber shop where I worked. I had to listen to him spout his politics all day.....but, he could....he was the owner; and most of the clientele were of the same political
persuasion....(preaching to the choir).

Well, looking back I would have to say that Bernie Sanders, as my representative in Congress, the one and only "Independent", who represented the working people did the best job of representing my values that I had ever experienced; in all of my prior 24 years as a voter. I saw him marching alone as our representative in the yearly Essex Junction Memorial Day Parade in 2002 as it passed by our barber shop on Pearl St.

I haven't actually met Bernie, yet. But, I would certainly like to have a good chat with him over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee!

I could share some of my political my solution to keep artificial inflation of housing costs down ...with a Federal, Progressive Real Estate Tax for home owners and the elimination of the tax break for the well-to-do that can afford to purchase a home. I would also give him some messaging that would spice up his platform. Well, we can dream, cant we?

There are two economic political benefits that I really appreciated about Vermont and its lower taxes for renters (understand that only those who CANNOT AFFORD to buy a home or homes have to rent) and its offer of Medicare healthcare benefits to lower income folks. I have to say that the rent rebate from the State of Vermont was very it should be....because remember...WE ARE RENTING....NOT BUYING THAT APARTMENT...SO STOP GOUGING THE POORER OF US !!!!

So, why has the religious right feverishly worked to cast aspersions on this message of economic fairness towards the working people and the non-existent US middle class? Some religious folk have even gone so far as to quote Scripture against such an organic movement that has already had its momentous debut in the US, beginning with the successful three term Presidency of FDR.

Yes, my comrades, Social Security (even has the word "Social" in it) and the Minimum Wage are "Socialist" make life better for the country as a whole. Public Schools (first started by U.S."Socialists" in 1635), and Medicare are just more of the same "Socialist" plots to educate people regardless of economic status and provide an affordable way for Senior Citizens to be healthier, when they are not wealthier.

In conclusion, all the evidence and clear-headed thinking shows that the opposition to "Democratic Socialism" is simply steeped in a withering denial of facts; and an astonishing and willful ignorance of post-1934 and pre-1981 U.S. history. All the idols of the unbridled love of money, prestige and power are hidden in the self-exalted image of "Corporate Success"; currently on a scale of madness, uncharted chaos and national disgrace.

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