Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Psalm Of Faith In Jesus Christ For The Feeble

The Lord is my Walker and my Strength
I depend on Him for every step
He leads me safely to my Destination
That He has prepared.

Without my Walker, I can go nowhere but falling down
Without my Lord's help, the feebleness takes over and brings me down.

Even if I fall.......The Lord will lift me up
He doesn't take my Walker away from me
But sometimes I neglect to allow my walk with It.
Sometimes I neglect the Lord's ever faithful offering of Himself

Whenever I walk with my Walker I am a blessing to others
Others can see Its works that set me apart from the self-reliant ones
Whenever I walk with my Lord I am blessed and in His holiness
For only He can make His willing creation holy.

Therefore I will continually bless my Walker
And Bless the Name of my Lord
Though I fall seven times in a day
I can always depend upon my Walker.

I have learned not to go anywhere without It
And I will live in Our peaceful Home
With my Walker at hand forever.