Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Americans Have A Delusion Of Presidential Power

The most important things that affect millions of American lives daily, are not affected AT ALL by this mythological preponderance of POWER ascribed to the current or former U.S. Presidents.

1) Faith......not influenced by the U.S. President.
2) Wages and Income.......not influenced by the U.S. President.
3) Cost of Food.........not influenced by the U.S. President.
4) Cost of Housing....not influenced by the U.S. President.
5) Transportation ....not influenced by the U.S. President.
6) Health Care.......Laws passed by Congress
7) Fresh Air and Clean Water.......Laws passed by Congress
8) Insurance, Savings, and Retirement.....not influenced by the U.S. President....Laws passed by Congress
9) Leisure/Travel.....not influenced by the U.S. President.
10) Crime/Safety.....not influenced by the US President.

Americans have been duped...
They get so excited and emotionally involved in Presidential campaigns; many ignorantly and freely rail against the if he was a Dictator...with unlimited power.

Wake up have been asleep too long.

Get informed. Travel to places that actually have universal health care, a *real middle class, and where there isn't a mass murder every few days.... and where they don't need to drive gigantic, moronic vehicles ALL ALONE to "be cool". They walk and have mass transit (infrastructure supported by taxes) reason why they don't have an obesity epidemic.

and VOTE....

* A real middle class household only requires one person's income to fully support it.

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