Atheists claim that their atheism claim is a negative..and therefore have no burden of proof.....

What they don't tell you is: this is a cowardly way to cop out of their COMPLETE LACK OF EVIDENCE.

Well folks...this is a new day. Since atheists couldn't put their false belief in a positive claim (for obvious reasons)...

I did it for them:

Positive Atheism Claim #1...."Human life as we know it is governed exclusively by nature and the human will of the predominant majority and is subject to change"

Let's try another..

Positive Atheism Claim #2...To be thinking right....mankind must exclusively look to information from the majority of naturalist scientists. Those scientists positively claim that all knowledge and logic and truth is natural in origin and one must accept this amazing universality by unguided, natural coincidence only.

Positive Atheism Claim #3...There are inherent random happenings and chosen causes and effects for all. Both pleasant and unpleasant aspects of life, suffering and pleasure that are common to man including birth and death. What is determined wrong/right good/bad is decided ultimately by the majority . Humans know for ourselves what is good and what is evil. We are autonomous.

Positive Atheist Claim #4 Revelation from any other non-natural source is wrong and should be ridiculed. Humans are primates.

Positive Atheist Claim #5 All mysteries have a default natural/random/purposeless explanation ...which we hope the atheist scientists alone will solve. Any other thought or revelation should be suppressed and ridiculed.

Of course....they still cannot prove these .....
They still need omniscience assert these

Come on atheists...what's your cop-out now?

Good luck! we want to see your evidence.....bring it!