Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quote Of The Day....

"Almost every, really bad idea begins with greed, fear and insecurity"
JC Goodman

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Merry Christmas", Starbucks....

Well...I am a Christian...and I like coffee. I consume it daily.

1) I go into Starbucks sometimes, but I don't expect anything but good tasting coffee...
2) When it comes to the "Christmas Season"....the time is for giving....not demanding...

One person, recently decided that he was entitled to a greeting of "Merry Christmas" from Starbucks.  This is rather odd, because it is only VETERAN'S DAY...!

IMHO...what this person doesn't understand is that many people are not connecting  Jesus Christ with the Winter Holiday Season. Especially if the owner of a business is not a believer in Him.

A Merry Christmas and a love for Our God is in Our hearts....
and we cannot logically expect many to give away...what they don't have...

After all...I follow the One who said...."It is more blessed to give than to receive"....and "Forgive them...they know not what they are doing"....

not... post a video of a demanding rant on Facebook.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Americans Have A Delusion Of Presidential Power

The most important things that affect millions of American lives daily, are not affected AT ALL by this mythological preponderance of POWER ascribed to the current or former U.S. Presidents.

1) Faith......not influenced by the U.S. President.
2) Wages and Income.......not influenced by the U.S. President.
3) Cost of Food.........not influenced by the U.S. President.
4) Cost of Housing....not influenced by the U.S. President.
5) Transportation ....not influenced by the U.S. President.
6) Health Care.......Laws passed by Congress
7) Fresh Air and Clean Water.......Laws passed by Congress
8) Insurance, Savings, and Retirement.....not influenced by the U.S. President....Laws passed by Congress
9) Leisure/Travel.....not influenced by the U.S. President.
10) Crime/Safety.....not influenced by the US President.

Americans have been duped...
They get so excited and emotionally involved in Presidential campaigns; many ignorantly and freely rail against the if he was a Dictator...with unlimited power.

Wake up have been asleep too long.

Get informed. Travel to places that actually have universal health care, a *real middle class, and where there isn't a mass murder every few days.... and where they don't need to drive gigantic, moronic vehicles ALL ALONE to "be cool". They walk and have mass transit (infrastructure supported by taxes) reason why they don't have an obesity epidemic.

and VOTE....

* A real middle class household only requires one person's income to fully support it.

Friday, October 02, 2015

What Is The Greater Tragedy In Oregon?

You may have heard of the tragedy in Oregon; of some Christians being targeted as the hate crime shootings by a lone murderer...Oct 1 2015...just yesterday.

Christians KNOW...that their lives are Eternal...and blessed forever in the presence of the Lord of Love.....being completely healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ and resurrected. 
These were mostly young people.

In contrast : another Oregon resident, who is relatively old, denies Jesus Christ and Our Father. This person lived its clueless earthly days a godless for itself until its tragic death.

They may have been rich, a US citizen....even...

But ..they end up dying in their sins and subject to Our God's wrath and eternal punishment....dying in shame, disgrace and contempt from the living.

What is the greater tragedy in Oregon?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Defining The Religion of Anti-Theism, Anti-Christianity...(known by the clueless as "atheism")

The positive "atheism" (anti-theist) claim ...which is : "A belief that the rejection of the revelation from the God of Israel is a sound and accurate choice" has never been legitimately proved.

There is no evidence to support that fraudulent claim and it is easily falsifiable by unbiased five year old children.

Anti-theism is a religion. Ironically, the adherents of its fraud are too clueless to realize it.

"Religion is the universal practice of offering service and sacrifice from your heart out of a calling with love and devotion to Who or what you believe."

"Atheism" (anti-Christian, anti-Truth) is a is just a false one...
Their service is to suit themselves out of love for themselves...for their own autonomous ends. They are very faithful to promoting anti-Christianity's fraud and gossip in fora and in books.

Commonly I encounter "atheists" stooping to any low level of invective to religiously promote or defend their false religion.

"Atheism" (anti-Christian, anti-Truth)) is a is just a false one...

Those who Know the Truth...just laugh at the false religious movement of anti-Christianity as the sick joke that it is.....

I pray that these forum trolls repent of their fraud and stupidity....and reach out to the Gospel of Truth in Jesus Christ...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Marriage Is Ordained By God, But The U.S. Has Granted This Legal Right To Gays

This solution is simple....maybe, too simple for those stuck in tradition to figure out.

Marriage is just another situation where there is a version for those of faith...and whatever version the secular humanist world can pervert the genuine to become....

The way to win is:

 For the marriage of have its own separate certificate and blessing from the Church before well as the state issue.

Then...traditional marriage can have its meaning back...

And, unbelievers will not be a part of what the only true God is doing...

Render unto SCOTUS the things that are SCOTUS and render unto the One True God the things which are His...


The Tired, Atheist Cop-Out....Debunked.....Finally

Atheists claim that their atheism claim is a negative..and therefore have no burden of proof.....

What they don't tell you is: this is a cowardly way to cop out of their COMPLETE LACK OF EVIDENCE.

Well folks...this is a new day. Since atheists couldn't put their false belief in a positive claim (for obvious reasons)...

I did it for them:

Positive Atheism Claim #1...."Human life as we know it is governed exclusively by nature and the human will of the predominant majority and is subject to change"

Let's try another..

Positive Atheism Claim #2...To be thinking right....mankind must exclusively look to information from the majority of naturalist scientists. Those scientists positively claim that all knowledge and logic and truth is natural in origin and one must accept this amazing universality by unguided, natural coincidence only.

Positive Atheism Claim #3...There are inherent random happenings and chosen causes and effects for all. Both pleasant and unpleasant aspects of life, suffering and pleasure that are common to man including birth and death. What is determined wrong/right good/bad is decided ultimately by the majority . Humans know for ourselves what is good and what is evil. We are autonomous.

Positive Atheist Claim #4 Revelation from any other non-natural source is wrong and should be ridiculed. Humans are primates.

Positive Atheist Claim #5 All mysteries have a default natural/random/purposeless explanation ...which we hope the atheist scientists alone will solve. Any other thought or revelation should be suppressed and ridiculed.

Of course....they still cannot prove these .....
They still need omniscience assert these

Come on atheists...what's your cop-out now?

Good luck! we want to see your evidence.....bring it!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Laws Are Way More Powerful Than People

This is how I begin a dialogue...about the current State of the Union.

I am a non partisan..and I want to address the root of the problem.

IMO...the root cause of the current political malaise is the inapt, inept, and incomplete US Constitution. This is the greater cause than elected official's mistakes or ideology over the span of US political history.

But then; most peoples eyes glaze over.....and I understand why.
They cannot connect the dots...and seem to always put the onus on elected official's mistakes or ideology...or the voters themselves...


Clearly the US Constitution that is practically worshiped as a canon from on high...cannot be the cause....?

It is the greater cause.....

Because Laws Are WAY More Powerful Than People..
Most people have NO idea how powerful LAWS are.....

People are People...but Constitutions vary IMMENSELY..and are POWERFUL....

We have moral laws...and political Laws...and the MOST POWERFUL POLITICAL LAWS of the US are in It's Constitution.

America, give up the delusion that the greater power is in the people and the elected officials....and stop wasting energy on petty partisanship.

Remember the Constitution sets the boundaries...not the people...

Wake up America!

So, I urge people to rethink the endless arguments over elected official's mistakes or ideology...or the voters themselves...

and put the greater blame on the whole country for it's lack of political will over the last 50 push for non-partisan Constitutional and government address the systemic issues..

It is funny to see partisans..get so excited over elections...
waving their banners...and hanging onto every word of their "savior"..... friends....government is broken....

the politicians are all dressed up....and spout nice platitudes...

but at the end of the day...they are all driving a sketchy Yugo....

and getting nowhere.

The only remedy is Constitutional disallow the boundaries that have been
legally trespassed......because of the inapt, inept and incomplete US Constitution.

Most people have NO idea how powerful LAWS are.....

Friday, January 02, 2015

Dear Atheist :

JC Goodman re-write: "Dear God" by XTC

"Dear atheist,
hope you got the letter, and...
I ask all people to obey Me; to make it better down here.
I don't mean a big reduction in the price of beer
but all the people that I made in My Image, see
them starving on their feet 'cause too many don't ever obey
your God, you don't know Who I AM....

Dear atheist, sorry to disturb you, but... I feel that I should be heard
loud and clear. When all people obey, there'll be a big reduction in amount of tears
and all the people that I made in My Image, see them fighting
in the street 'cause they don't obey the Truth about God,
you don't know Who I AM...

Did you make the earth, and the diamond blue? Did you make
the sea and the sky over you? You act like it was you...and Evol-Daddy too...

Dear atheist, don't know if you noticed, but... your name could be blotted
out of My Book and many liars deny the Truth of my Powerful Look,
and most of the people that I made in My Image;
still deny that I am True. Well I know your unbelief is vain and
so do you, dear Atheist, you don't know Who I AM...Don't be a fool

You won't believe in heaven and hell. In saints and sinners, and the
devil as well. My pearly gates, the thorny crown. You're always
putting My commandments down. The wars you bring, the babes you
drown. Those lost at sea and never found, and it's the same the
whole world 'round. The hurt I see helps to compound

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost is your only hope of being found
and if you repent and confess your sin..I'll open my arms and let you in
If there's one thing that you must is to believe

in the Son of God... Jesus Christ....

Dear atheist.....