Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why Isn't Japan Some Kind Of Atheist Paradise?

Dear Sam al....:
Look no further...your "paradise" have several options:

Why complain and moan about being a minority in the US?....when you can live in Japan or North Korea....

From Wiki: The 2000 survey by the Yomiuri Shimbun found that 76.6% of Japanese do not believe in a specific religion.[32] The number fell to 72% by 2005, with only 25% believing in religion and 20% practicing faith.[34] According to Steve Heine in 2011, less than 15% of Japanese believe in gods.[35]

Why is this not an "atheist paradise"...since "religion" is certainly the main "problem" in the world? (according to many atheists).

I am surprised that every red blooded atheist has not emigrated from our horribly repressive and dangerous "religious" country...the backwards USA...right?

...and if you are really hard-core you can move up to North there's a real gem

wiki has: currently 64% of the population irreligious and only 1.7% Christian.......hooray!!!! right?

get a clue....{atheists} are in the dark room, blindfolded...ears plugged...holding an ebola-carrying big, black rat......and thinking it's a small cat..

ps  Atheism doesn't save your anesthetizes it... until death...JC Goodman

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