Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why Isn't Japan Some Kind Of Atheist Paradise?

Dear Sam al....:
Look no further...your "paradise" have several options:

Why complain and moan about being a minority in the US?....when you can live in Japan or North Korea....

From Wiki: The 2000 survey by the Yomiuri Shimbun found that 76.6% of Japanese do not believe in a specific religion.[32] The number fell to 72% by 2005, with only 25% believing in religion and 20% practicing faith.[34] According to Steve Heine in 2011, less than 15% of Japanese believe in gods.[35]

Why is this not an "atheist paradise"...since "religion" is certainly the main "problem" in the world? (according to many atheists).

I am surprised that every red blooded atheist has not emigrated from our horribly repressive and dangerous "religious" country...the backwards USA...right?

...and if you are really hard-core you can move up to North there's a real gem

wiki has: currently 64% of the population irreligious and only 1.7% Christian.......hooray!!!! right?

get a clue....{atheists} are in the dark room, blindfolded...ears plugged...holding an ebola-carrying big, black rat......and thinking it's a small cat..

ps  Atheism doesn't save your anesthetizes it... until death...JC Goodman

Friday, October 17, 2014

The god Of Atheism Is Dead !

One may say that I am a believer in the dead god of atheism...

I am not denying your god's existence......why do you deny Ours?

Everyone knows there is a Creator of the universe and all living things.

Just be honest and confess the Truth.

Until you have intimately known Christians for YEARS; or lived 2000 years ago...and walked with Christ or His followers.... earnestly for have not EARNED the credibility to tell me that there is no substance to the case for my God's existence.

...and THEN the world will believe you.....

Anything less than this course of action is dishonest.

Our God is NOT a textbook theory god......(that you can understand by reading a book or having an understanding of the deepest desires of your fiancee in an hour).......that is what "atheists" cannot get

...notice I say CANNOT get......because God chooses whom to reveal Himself to; When it is the appointed time..

sorry atheist....FYI.....ITS NOT ABOUT YOU....

My GOD is RELATIONAL to be experienced relationally... growing in the  knowledge of Him daily.....following Him, experiencing His peace and worship the Lord , meditating and rejoicing in Him.......this is also what "agnostics" cannot get.

How can people who deny the existence of  {anything "science" has not observed} souls, love, peace, and joy.....understand anything beyond mere mortal existence?

HE IS INVISIBLE...YET EXISTING.....Almighty ....yet apparently weak to the agnostic...

This is by design......He doesn't want boss around......He wants faithful in the Faith...Faith in the Truth that... He loved, loves, and will love greatly and He has His Wonderful Forever in store...

This Love was demonstrated through Jesus Christ....and we are witnesses by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Will of God.

Eternal Life is not merely existing is knowing The God of Love and Light and His Son Jesus Christ..and sharing in the fullness of the Knowledge Of Him together in Unity by His declared Word and the power of His Name.

For...It is Written... The Son of God, The Christ, The Word has come in the we could be Redeemed To God and Have Eternal Life and enter into His Covenant through Jesus Christ our Lord.