Sunday, June 22, 2014

What Fake Atheism Adherents Don't Get....A Parable

It's really pretty simple...

A building has a gas leak {"Athiest's" House}....and the "atheist" is inside the house....unaware...and has no sense of "evidence" of a tasteless, colorless, odorless gas.

The neighbors that really care.....knock on the "atheist's" door...the "atheist" is still alive....but is annoyed by the rude knock at the door. These neighbors are not their to annoy; but to save the person from certain death.

The clueless "atheist" lacks the sense of smell; and rejects the neighbors' pleas to re-think the situation and flee to safety....(based on the truth of actual danger). Again and again; the neighbor's pleas are rejected...and we see that it is evident that {atheists} are the captains of their own predicament.

This scenario is crystal clear ....if that person remains there unmoved..they will die.
Therefore even if the "atheist's" door is pounded down and broken would be worth suffering their anger and hurled insults (like a rabid dog) at you; to save their life...

Therefore, it cannot be considered rational for an "atheist" to get offended; if someone trashes their belief system..

What I have experienced here {online debate forums} is unenlightened and cynical "atheists"; who have taken their identity from "atheism".

The evidence of this is their lack of indifference to people of actual faith in my God...

A real atheist is indifferent...I have had many real atheist relationships.

The real, enlightened ones...understand that we of actual faith are  just doing our job....and are not threatened...

ergo....there has been peaceful coexistence under my roofs for years...I love and have loved my atheist roommates...they are nice..

and yet I have been prejudged by many of the {atheist posters} as this mythical, judgmental monster....

without listening to my warning...when you judge judge yourselves...JCGoodman

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