Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Apology To Atheism........Wisdom Is Justified By Its Results

So called "atheists" need a place to drink....they are thirsty....their religion of death only offers thirst, poverty.....on one extreme.....or fake, smug enlightenment
conditioned by favorable circumstances....

1) Faith is universal...if you are have faith. The minority cannot decide to take a definition for millenia and attempt to hijack it......

2) Religion is universal.....because life is not about an {I am} is about {I do} statements.
Thought , words and deeds from the heart is religion.

.....the most universal religion is simply..."I try to be a good person, obey the laws, and try not hurt anybody"

No matter what people call themselves....the fact is the above religion remains.

those two facts destroy the whole foundation that willful agnosticism...erroneously called "atheism" tries to stand on.

3) Life is not material only.

Is the person rich who has amassed the most wealth?

or is the richest person the one that has given away the most percentage of their wealth?

which statement do you think represents the words of the wise?

which statement represents the words of Jesus Christ?

which statement represents...the prevailing thoughts words and deeds of the world of humanity?

4) The denial of God equals the denial of sin, evil, soul, after death, judgement... atheists claim...."I simply lack belief in a god" not a true statement

5) atheism is a negative....which offers nothing but death

by being a proud are being proud of death

that is why you find it so offensive.....

any questions......any answers.....what is in your heart?

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