Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Fallacy of Political Labels

Is it possible that everyone doesn't fit in a political label? If a person has not professed to be a "liberal"...why should he/she be labeled one? Labels are mostly for
children, medicine and ppps....pedantic, political pundits....GRIN...

But seriously, as a follower of Christ; (a non-partisan)...I think that labels are for the skin deep....and seriously impede constructive, political discourse.

The more rigid one's partisanship....the more it will be a weight around their neck.....and compel them to rigorously defend their illusive grasp on their narrow interpretation of political reality.

The only place where true, political reality is....The Kingdom Of God and His Christ the King.

If a person defends a "liberal" stance on one or two doesn't make that person fit a "box".

Why can't  we understand that the goal of discussion is to understand the other person's view....not to just practically communicate the inappropriate attitude"yeah...that's another one of "those" people.

I have been labeled a left winger....but I actually think that privately administered schools would be better.....that's not a "liberal" talking.

As a Christian...I am "pro-life".....which includes gun control and the opposition to unnecessary, pre-emptive wars.

I also am "pro-education".....and I actually have a "conservative" stance on this issue; which simply stated...

I strongly propose private schooling...that comes with public money....with only the minimal, "safety" strings attached.

At the end of the day.....apt government is about what is {just for all}...and what actually {works....for all}.

...but ...."Labels are for the limited"....JC Goodman

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