Saturday, January 04, 2014

My Wonderful Government-Run Health-Care Plan

With all the negativity about Obama-Care in the's time for folks to get another side of the story....from someone who is actually on U.S. "government-run" health care...via my State.
 At 53, I was without health insurance for my whole life...I managed to get by with low-income community clinics..(horrible)...I even crossed the border into Mexico...(dangerous) times of severe pain and misery; I was forced to use the E.R. (more horrible)...and this has been the Republican plan for the uninsured for decades now.

The message I have heard from the Republican platform has consistently been:  I am rich.....You should be too...USA health care is #1... and doesn't need any changes....If you can't afford health insurance...too bad.....go to the E.R..

The message of the Democratic  platform has been and still is : We would rather have universal Medi-care not-for profit health coverage....but we will compromise with  whatever we can force
out of the other party of the reactionary, liberalphobes...and see what we come up with....which is called Romney-care/Obama-Care.

 What does health care look like when one has a serious health crisis and they don't have insurance? People are forced to go to a hospital. Maybe a hospital in the Los Angeles area; where you must line up and pass an airport-style security clearance with x-rays...before you enter a waiting room with literally hundreds of people waiting....Oh, about eight hours average....on a slow day. Unless they see blood or you can't breathe...your chances of being admitted to a hospital stay is slim.
Then wait for the bill....that plunges many into home and food insecurity; and/or bankruptcy.

Without health insurance, I had to pay the full amount for MRIs, medications, anesthesia, etc.  with my credit card. Thank the Lord..I had good credit...the cards, and a decent limit...otherwise I would have been
homeless and bankrupt.....This is all courtesy of the failed, fear-mongering, regressive policies of  the merciless on the radical right.

With the help of financial aid...I was still over $6,000 in debt....with no job, and disabled...and was refused needed surgery. The "death panels"...that the right made up as a fear-mongering media blitz....was just a lie; as well as the typical lying hyperbole that oozes from their overpaid media pundits.

The real death my experience of going to a hospital with acute Sciatica...very painful....needing immediate care; you cannot walk, stand, or sit, nor sleep...and they literally kicked a 52 year old disabled man to the curb...
after falsely accusing me of "drug seeking"...the most horrible nightmare.

Almost every country in the world would have treated me and admitted me into a hospital....but U.S. patients do not have the rights to request MRI's....unless the god-like U.S. doctors; who never make mistakes; think that you are worthy....Yes my friend...the death panels are only for the uninsured.
Now I will tell you my story; briefly of what it looks like to be on government health care...that I acquired recently on 10/30/2013... I couldn't be happier with
the care I have received.....Medicare/Medicaid works very just needs to be reformed.

First...I was granted disability thanks to the ruthless right.
Second I was reimbursed thousands for my medical thanks to the ruthless right.
Third...I have had very good "Standard Plus" health and dental insurance... I like my doctor...He even works on Saturday! Once I had a bad migraine....and I was able to see my doctor...that very afternoon....

It's about time...that my fellow Christian family....actually obey what Romans 13...and James 3  teaches....and decide to not be part of spreading healthcare misinformation and rumor for purely personal, partisan reasons....

Remember...Medicare for all is the goal.... 

Why should health care have any different funding.... than the U.S. military?     Should we have for-profit .....war insurance?     When the firefighters put out your house fire...should you get a $45,000 bill? It's the same illogical conclusion.
Bottom line.....the Right  wanted a dinosaur (Romney-care)....and baby that's what we've got ... We have reaped what was sown.....
Any questions?...Any answers?...seen a death panel lately?                   

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