Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christian.....How Partisan Are You?.... In Twenty Questions

 Yesterday....I answered several questions offered on a political discussion post....that asked a loaded "How are your views on {any "ism"}?   Most of my answers were not yes or no....which would be a typical sign of a centrist.

For example.....the glass of water filled to the halfway mark; some say .."It's half full".....some..."it's half empty".....a centrist says..."it's both at the same time"....which view is the least limited and allows the most freedom?

These are some questions to consider...if one were to gauge
their level of mild to staunch partisanship.

 1) Do you vote for a particular party all the time..year after year?

 2) Do you vote for the party that promises the lowest taxes....because you would like to have that money?

 3) Do you deserve everything you own because you earned it with your sweat?......

 4) Does God own everything; teach us to be generous, and we own nothing (outside of Christ)..but we are stewards of what we've been given, and God gives wealth by grace.

 5) Should I complain, name call, and  get upset when an elected government passes a law that doesn't have anything to do with suppressing the Gospel Of Jesus raises taxes....?

 6) As A U.S. Christian...should my citizenship be exalted above a mere legal status?

 7) As A Christian...Am I a stranger and a pilgrim; whose citizenship is in Heaven..seated in His Kingdom...and not of this world?

 8) Are my individual legal rights more important than the right of collective society to justly curb them?

 9) Is man's government the problem?

10) Is man's government the solution?

11) Is man's government useful and instituted by God...and ultimately under his final Justice. (Does Jesus Christ have the Last Word)?

12) Do I blindly accept every comment about  U.S government policies according to the particular view of the media?

13) Do I google search and fact check, and ask the Lord for wisdom and clarity on controversial policy issues?

14) Do I love my President and all in authority and pray for them as Jesus Christ taught?

15) Do I curse and badmouth and judge the hearts and motives of elected people that all have to answer to Jesus Christ..including myself?

16) Can you calmly disagree with a Christian with a different point of view and hold a discussion  with the respect that you would also give to Christ?

17) Can you back up each answer to these questions with at least two scriptural references?

18) Are there any scriptural references that point to partisan preferences to the size government should be?

19) Have you considered the U.S. Constitution to be unjust, inapt, vague, and corruptible to a fault; and in need of reformation? Why or Why not?

20) Have you considered the U.S Constitution to be a fixed canon that is perfect and complete and unchangeable?  Why or Why not?

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