Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Liberalphobia...In The Heart Of Some...And Loud And Clear Over The Airwaves

Allow me to unpack this quote that reeks of  liberalphobia bias:
"The quotes have been removed due to a legalistic complaint. And the situation is moot; because the matter has been given to my God. The assertions, generalizations, and accusations that were made about "government regulation" are false, common, stereotypical, condescending, labeling, and dull-of-hearing. They are destroyed by my sharp rebuttal below."
My rebuttal:

...Actually the main and growing causes of most poverty in the United States...is manipulation and speculation of the real estate market and other markets...by the system that I describe below. Anyone can google the fact that....in the period between 1950 and 1980...there was a real middle class; with mostly a one person (Daddy); who worked and was able to purchase a house (averaging only 25% of income)..and support a family...even with the most progressive income tax in the history of the world.

Currently, in expensive cities like LA and New York, and S.F...the overinflated housing market "forces" a majority to rent; instead of owning a home...paying an average of 45 - 50% of income..for housing...
So what pray tell is left to spend on our dumb economy..that depends on purchases?...not much...a third grader can understand this...because they haven't got the
disease of liberalphobia....and they can clearly see things as they are.

Here in the U.S. where the vast majority of its people worship and give power to a "market" that has inordinately perverted the value of labor to the highest imaginable extremes between the underpaid and the overpaid workers. The U.S housing market has continually perverted the value of the basic human need of shelter into a greedy, land-grabbing, and embarrassing national disgrace. The real estate "market" is easily ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED AND MANIPULATED to new highs; by the tremendous purchasing power of our growing wealthy and overpaid group that "forces" too many out of the "market".

This "market" of inherent greed and corruption continually self-destructs. For every millionaire the housing market makes; it also increases the poverty of hundreds, if not; thousands. How do people in the "richest and greatest" country decide that it's OK to equate a purchase of shelter with a back-breaking down payment and thirty years of debt? But, don't worry; the crooked U.S. government will subsidize your inflated real estate mortgage with another tax loophole; for the steadily shrinking group with jobs and credit scores that can afford such a purchase.

...hmmmm?...what's the definition of a system that "forces" inflation and creates poverty out of the thin air..."free market" capitalism.
Even the Pope has spoken of it as "evil"....although I would be a hypocrite if I called it ...evil... I am not a conservaphobe..as some falsely think.

I would simply call it...a disaster waiting to happen..everyday; The U.S. is becoming closer to a third world nation. There is no more TRUE.."middle class" left.

The percentage of people that can buy a home and raise a family on one income....might be 5% or less. This is the technical definition of a third world country like Mexico.

Mexico is the 12th largest economy in the world....and because of their corrupt, right wing, government....over 90% of their people are poor and the country is a parasite (not the people..whom I dearly love and pray for) that ekes by from the estimated $11 billion dollars sent over there by Mexican immigrants ....instead of being spent here. And people risk their lives to come here to pick fruit and vegetables...because ...

Free market capitalism...would rather produce jobs about...making money out of money...instead of providing living wages and honoring the extremely hard work of these blessed immigrants. We are blessed to have the law abiding ones.

Remember....the real enemy here is corruption.....no matter what flag is flown or language that is spoken.

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