Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Letter To Offer Hope To A Desperate Heart

Dear liberalphobe...Thanks for the compliment...I am In Christ, therefore... I am not OF this evil world!!!
Living in Oregon is moot...I was thinking like I do since the 80's.... and I have been here only two years...
I assume your condescension is meant humorously...with your words...I quote:

 "The quotes have been removed due to a legalistic complaint. And the situation is moot; because the matter has been given to my God. The assertions and accusations that were made are false, common, stereotypical, condescending, labeling, and dull-of-hearing. They are destroyed by my sharp rebuttal below."

My Rebuttal:

 ...Define "hurting"....Does your definition include; only having two cars and not a hummer as well? I can be funny also. But, I use the satire to make a valid point.

My income is considered to be below poverty level; I am disabled....yet the Lord has provided for me....please get a GENUINE sense of "hurting".
...People in the typhoon ravaged Phillipines....are hurting. People in most of Africa and on two dollars a day or less and are without clean drinking water...
are hurting. I need to go on...?

The fact is these are ALL very corrupt, quasi-libertarian governments run with the power of a militia/policia. Without Charity and the Grace Of God..
almost all of the people in these countries would have died years ago.

I am poor, but I am fed, housed, and blessed by the Lord. I have not been hurt by this government at all.
Actually, my taxes were higher under the Bush regime. Where is the "socialism"?...Where's Santa Claus?...
I am actually faring better than ever....We don't have the disease of liberalphobia here in Southern Oregon...except on Christian radio.

"The 1% billionaire phenomena can NOT happen under any other system.....than U.S. style, entitlement-to-wealth-mindset, regressive,
material hoarding, blind market capitalism"....

I have my God...I don't need to vote for any particular party that falsely claims that they can "fix" everything....
There is going to be a lot of unhappy people here...when this country starts to reap its arrogant, corrupt, and negligent ways.
...And so many people are going to be shocked when it crumbles down......unless there are drastic, progressive, radical changes....soon.

But...have no fear..My God is here!!!!!

By The Way....What parallel universe do you hail from? Have you traveled back in time and met Thomas Jefferson?

Well, Lord have mercy on him if he gets sick....they didn't have progressive health insurance back then...I hope you have some gold and some whiskey....hehehe!!!!

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