Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Capitalism That Serves...(U.S. History 1950 - 1980)...VS...Capitalism That Deserves...(U.S. History Post -1981)

I concur with the notion; that Capitalism is NOT inherently evil or good....and it can work fairly is REGULATED appropriately, AND VERY PROGRESSIVELY TAXED....(U.S. history 1950 - 1980)

IE...let reasonable and educated people decide what labor and material is worth....not a blind "market"!...If you have a bad crop..or Katrina happens...prices should not rise one penny!.. If my God is your God....He will take care of you without gouging innocent consumers! He hates the sin of oppressing the poor; by under-paying them; and then; unscrupulously, over-charging them.

This is what "Cooperation" looks like...the rich need the poor...and the poor need the rich....both at the same time.....Lord, please help your people see this clearly! The "market" has become like a false god in the U.S.....and has allowed extreme gaps of wealth that have continually eroded and destroyed what we used to call the "middle class".

I have shown in other posts with links...that America's most successful era 1950 - 1980...was due in a large part to...."fettered Capitalism" ...which maintained the largest, true middle class in the country's history. It works well with a very progressive tax rate and reinvestment in the expansion of the industries to maintain jobs and keep unemployment minimal.

Have you looked at how progressive the tax rates were in the U.S from 1933's FDR - 1981?...the top tax brackets were taxed from 63 - 92% !!!!! And, it was a time when the percentage of home ownership continued climbing progressively higher...and most households had one income (Daddy's)!... a huge middle class...!!!

...And then came 1981...Ronnie...and the neo-conservatives;  so they decided to "unfetter Capitalism" and slashed the top tax rate to only 1981. The Bush tax cuts went to a "beast-starving" low of 35%!!! The minimum wage had historically increased .....until 1981; since then, and up until the present day it has stagnated and declined to a 40 year low....while the 1% has had tremendous gain. Truly, our Post-Reagan America loves profit much more than people.

Being the expense of the underpaid and job exportation.....has corrupted and wreaked havoc on the very core of the stability of the whole nation. To me, and the millions of others who think like me, the price for the proud spirit of entitlement as lived out in the grossly excessive lifestyles of America's wealthiest 1%  is already destroying the fabric of the spirit of generosity and economic justice that this country used to stand for.

The popular Play was called.....The *Libertarian Plan To Destroy The Middle Class In Thirty Years... was a offfice, book selling success!...and here we are, looking at a third world future; which is definitely  possible for our post-potential decaying America. We must all sow what we reap!
*Libertarian umbrella would include radical, Tea Party Patriot, reactionary, fundamental conservatives.

Radical "conservatives" are freaking out now; yet, most of them are families that  have two incomes and the tax rates are so low (top is less than subsidies for affluent / home owners)that we will basically have perpetual third world debt forever.

People are living it, drink and go shopping...while we still have gas to burn!
When will we ever learn? Merry Christmas!

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