Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Letter To A Craftsman

Hello sir:
I am a Christian, 52 year old male. I heard you voice your opinions on our Christian radio station this morning, 8/20/13. It was concerning your book that was plugged by the interviewer. I am assuming that you are a Christian as well.
As a follower of Christ, I do not see your partisan political opinions as helpful. Everyone has opinions; but you are selling books and polarizing thousands of Christians that disagree with your premises and positions.

Today, You accused the President of "giving away government goodies to get re-elected". First, you do not know his motivations; only the Lord does. Second, knowing that the Lord is above all things, makes your contentions a moot point.
point. Matthew 28:18

It is ironic that an educated person like you; could conflate the failures and ineptness of the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court's inapt decisions with the actual agenda of the President. In your partisan zeal; you have overlooked these critical factors: The powers of the U.S. congress; with all its lobbies; with it's political gridlock, corruption and compromises; together with an obtuse, out-dated Constitution as well as all those poorly informed, partisan voters. Our "President" is not a CEO and does not actually have the power that you are ascribing to him. The national debt that you are talking about is a congressional "power of the purse" issue.

Your hyperbole of "Obama unleashing disasters" is clearly delusional, based on the above reasoning. If you only attacked the real enemy; Satan and his lies; with the same zeal that you attack your fictional apocalyptic anti-type "Obama"; that would be honorable. Sadly, you can always misguide the simple to buy idle, godless chatter.

Clearly you have crafted a work that does nothing for the Kingdom of Christ; for it contains fear based "warnings" of things that we have zero control over. If the days of Hitler and Stalin could not stop the Lord building His Church; why should I listen to the voice of idle criticism.

1 Cor 13....Love thinks no evil

I know these errors well, because I used to be a nearsighted, critical partisan like you and the Lord corrected me.

Peace be unto you,


The author has had the book discussed and plugged on "Christian" radio. The interviewer of the author, who exclusively has "conservative" idealogues as guests; has duped his radio listeners into assuming the common faith of the one being interviewed.

I contacted the author. This author revealed to me he was not of the faith. He could not even remember these comments nor his motivation for being interviewed on the station.

Currently, it seems to be a popular notion for the profit-driven media to craft a fake, larger-than-life image of a political/famous figure; and then some author can come along to make a profit out of tearing them down. This is pure media hocus-pocus.

The author uses the tools of conceit, conflation, carelessness and craftiness to come to such hyperbolic conclusions. Currently, I don't think that the growing list of billionaires, enormous and record-profit-making banks, Big Oil executives; nor the Plutocrats that rule us; nor real estate and stock market investors; are wringing their hands over Obama's "unleashed disasters".

His delusional premise is to single out; a mostly moderate U.S. President as an apocalyptic figure; out of all the U.S. history of unjust labor policies, obscene corruption, and corporate welfare. This author has lost any credibility with rational thinkers. I would hope that readers would not be taken in by this craftiness.

Equally, it is potentially offensive for an unbeliever to use Biblical imagery to sell his idle opinions to the unsuspecting public.