Thursday, July 25, 2013

Letter To Remove A Log In The Eye

Here is a full letter to some of my brothers in Christ that I hear on "Christian" radio talk shows.

I implore you that you would stop the negative, personal political opinions/guests on your show. This does not come from the Holy Spirit. Tearing down "the government" with your one-sided, narrow views; speaks of pride, ignorance and idle conversation.

Ignorance; because your narrative claims; that if there was only "limited and self government, strict adherence to "the constitution", blah, blah, blah....things would begin to be so much better. So, elect "tea party people"; and magically; all the corruption, greed, division, strife, and violence in the country would be abated... like ...Somalia?...Mexico?...they have very limited how would or could you check their infamous corruption; the universal cause of lowering quality of living standards everywhere? Which nation in history has EVER been a libertarian utopia? Name one.

Your conversation is idle, not understanding God's sovereignty. Lawlessness is prophesied to increase much more and love to grow cold... and... you, and your peers, ignorantly wish for LESS government?
Also, I say prideful; because you fail to include people with opposing points of view in your discussions. Why?

God's people, Israel; with God as their ruler had HUGE government; with over 600+ laws governing their every movement.
Government is NOT the enemy....SIN and prevailing evil, influenced by Satan is....Ephesians 6.
God has commanded Christians to love one another as Christ loved us...and shine His are we doing?...Read Acts 2:42 - 47. Until WE are doing this, how can we expect the world ruled by "self govern"? Have you seen the news lately?

I am thankful that you and your peers are not in power. All you do is whine about things that you only think that you understand and have no control over. Read Romans 12 and 13. It's pathetic that all that you and your peers can offer is a false hope of "the constitution" and a "tea party".

The U.S. has an inapt Constitution. It's an out-dated document, which has NO provision for it's unavoidable vulnerability to ambiguity, political gridlock and corruption that has been rampant in the Congress and Supreme Court for decades. It has created a virtual machine of gridlock and an unequal balance of power in government. It has allowed the love of money and power to rule in place of public service. Instead of progressive change for all; the quality of urban life here continues to decline for the vast majority of us who are not affluent.

At best; if "the Constitution" would have been continually, and radically amended by the wiser among us; we would not have seen such a drastic decline in quality of life in recent U.S. history. Yet, Solomon in all his glory; could not stop inevitable decline in his day.....Why would anyone think a failed "constitution" and a party of glorified corporate legalists and loyalists; "winning" elections to further their focused pursuit of wealth and power...(happiness)...for them and their "followers" the answer?
This deceit is surely a trap for the simple minded. The answer is...The Truth...We all need the Lord Himself.

This lame "constitution"; which has NO influence over so many destructive policies, nor their ill effects; such as...the artificially inflated cost of housing and it's 30 years of crushing debt...the perverted valuation of labor...which values athletes and movie stars more than teachers, firefighters, and policeman...... inefficient, out-dated, single-vehicle urban mass transit; unsustainable energy use policies.....pollution, unhealthy food, credit card usury, the outrageous "sick care syndicate" thriving here, major education and skill deficits, etc......things that actually MATTER to quality of life.... for average people in URBAN areas...which is 80% of the U.S. population.

Today, you accused the President of choosing an action "for political reasons"...while YOU and your guest are having an idle, personal, opinionated conversation...."for political reasons".
If that isn't hypocrisy! Your pride assumes that you know his motivation...when only God actually knows his heart.

Also, I cannot understand why so many conflate the failures of the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court with the President's actual agenda. So many assign an inordinate amount of blame to the office; as if it had unlimited power. The very term "President" is a misnomer. It implies that this person is in full charge; as in a CEO of a business venture. Rather, "Chief Military Ambassador"...would be more fitting. Ironically, the office has; arguably, too much meddling powers abroad....and not enough for progressive change in our own country.

Brother, it's time to repent and apologize to your audience for all the damage you have done by your destructive, negative opinions. they have no place in the Kingdom of God.

I know....I used to be like you....and the Lord changed me.

Yours in Christ

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