Monday, April 22, 2013

MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE U.S. SICK-CARE SYNDICATE IN "A Country That Loves Money, Houses, Dogs And Things... More Than Poor People"

I have to disclose that the person that I wrote about in the following post; Is me. I am alive; by the grace of God, and I am very thankful to Him for sparing my life.

But that said; I am here to disclose the sad facts of contemporary life in the true, "Axis Of Contempt For The Weak". Yes, in the tired, post-caring, Divided State of America.

I certainly could have died; having my already high blood pressure dangerously increasing with the severe pain and stress on my 52 year old body. Adding to that condition, the pain had almost entirely kept me from sleeping at all; for more than one month. I became severely toxic after thirteen days of taking a mixture of all the NSAIDS, muscle relaxants and potentially addictive narcotics (with horrible side effects) that the doctors offered me. They had continually chosen the increasing, serious health risks of masking my severe discomfort and pain with these harmful drugs; instead of actually treating this excruciatingly painful condition. I was diagnosed with severe Sciatica.

This condition is caused when a spinal disc ruptures to pinch the huge nerve that runs down the entire leg. This nerve pain delivers severely intense, unmerciful, agonizing stabbing, burning pain and numbness in the leg and foot; most of the twenty four hour day. It is very disabling. I was unable to sit at all, nor stand for very long; nor drive a vehicle, and even bowel movements were excruciating. I have to say I was shocked at the sheer contempt some of the ER doctors showed; offering no pain medication at all and sending me back out of the ER; untreated; again and again.

Admitting me into the hospital and treating me; like they would, even treat.... a dog, or the most vile criminal, etc...would have been compassionate. But, since I had no health insurance; the clueless doctors, controlled by the heartless, profit-driven, Sick-Care Syndicate; let me go from the Emergency room a total of six times; untreated!

I also received abuse from the local police department and a Fire and Rescue employee. I received a copy of the EMT report. It is shameful. There was no full name of the EMT who abused me. This report contained fraudulent medical history; and a false, distorted and unnecessary "Patient Narrative".

There is a charge of battery; since I had not asked the abusive EMT to touch me at all; when he sadistically grabbed my chest; causing me unnecessary pain; just because I was tired and wanted to rest. He was belligerent in questioning me; not listening, nor caring that I had no sleep for at least four weeks because of the pain.

Diagnosed with severe sciatica, and being in extreme pain; I should have experienced compassion. But, I received an argumentative, arrogant, judgmental, and ignorant sociopath; getting a cheap thrill out of abusing his "power" over a weak person in a lot of pain, and vomiting. He even had the audacity to desire to control/complain whether or not I drank water prior.

In this EMT's arrogance, he acted with contempt towards me; as if I had no rights to the transport. He didn't posses the skills and intelligence necessary to understand and assess the needs of an exhausted, sleep deprived person in extreme pain. He also had the audacity to forcibly order me to sit in a wheel chair, after I had divulged that I could not sit; because of the severe pain. And this sociopath still has a job?

Is this the kind of service that I should expect from employees of this city? Where is my legal action against an abusive EMT? Someone on food stamps should pay $1200 for this abusive nightmare?

Also, the police officers that responded to my desperate call for help; were foolish, ignorant and incompetent. They have not learned how NOT to take someone's anger personally...throwing gasoline on a fire. They could not understand how a patient in need and yet, abused; could be angry after experiencing this medical nightmare. They offered no help at all; only idle threats.

I am here; and thankfully alive, to continue to tell the story of neglect and abuse and sheer contempt that the U.S. sick-care system daily dumps on unknown thousands. We all know that a few days ago, the Boston bomber; the surviving terrorist was and is being treated by a local hospital in Boston.

Meanwhile, here in Southern Oregon; a 52 year old, law abiding U.S. citizen; even as I had been diagnosed with severe Sciatica; an extremely painful and totally disabling, yet treatable condition; I have been denied treatment again and again with no credible explanation to date.

To my astonishment, I was treated as if I was at the ER for a "drug fix" and was neglected and harassed by both major hospitals in Medford, OR. I have reported these incidents to the authorities. Astonishingly, I received a letter from each hospital; defending their inhumane abuse, neglect, and contempt for poor people without insurance. Yes, some overpaid paper-pusher, without a clue of my suffering; is making this judgement, without even offering me a chance to face my abusers.

I was first diagnosed with this condition on February 27, 2013; and today is April 21, 2013... I did not get an MRI; which I had to literally beg for, until April 1; and I am hoping for my first treatment on April 24; after almost two months of forced hard core drug taking and becoming financially bankrupt.

My next step is to seek legal counsel, and to get in touch with Michael Moore, and other journalists who may want to document my ongoing torture; in the "Country That Loves Money, Houses, Dogs And Things More Than Poor People"

My situation is very difficult; including having to find temporary lodging at a motel and going down the path of a financial meltdown. But, I want to state that my faith in Jesus Christ has made me stronger in Him and has allowed me to persevere through all my intense suffering; during these past two months. Therefore, I am not bitter nor am I a victim, but to the Sovereign Lord; belongs all judgement and vengeance.

But, He does not want us to discount the reality of the pathetic state of this arrogant, unjust, and money-loving nation. Instead of "One Nation Under God" is actually..."Many Corrupt Powers; Loving Money And Having Contempt For The Weak".