Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Debunking More Dark Sayings

My response to the article "The Totalitarianism of the Progressive Mindset" by Anthony Gregory...

The article is fictional...because it makes broad, sweeping categorical statements that are not helpful to an already weak position, but typical to the reactionary mindset.

As the common progressive world view can only truly be intellectually grasped and understood when there is a progressive in power. It will not be understood from a smattering of incoherent "examples" from a single nation under a passive tyranny resulting from neglect and abuse of an outdated governing document called the U.S. Constitution. Neither will ignorant assumptions of its universal association with secularism prove to be true to fact.

We have U.S. history under FDR from 1933 - 1945 as the most shining example of the wisest progressive policies to follow in the worst of socio-economic times....

Totalitarianism does not coincide with a progressive mindset.....just as sand does not oil machinery.

The ultimate progressive state would never have a Constitution foolishly written in stone, but there would wisely be a gradual, but stable, ebb and flow of governance and policy according to the general overall morality of the people it is governing.

Obviously, if 90% of everyone truly loved their neighbor as their self and gladly, volunteered to give to the collective as to the proportion of how each fared economically; why indeed would government need to be aggressive in legislating a system of greed disincentives or other "repressive" policies? The former, I believe, is really at the root of all problems.

The recent U.S. culture continually morally declines into greater divisions of disparity as they worship the false idol of its Constitutional Form as a lucrative cash cow with huge loopholes that allow greed and evil to prosper and does not seek to amend the self-evident flaws that moral people can clearly see..."the emperor has no clothes".

For example, because paying a minimum living wage is not directly spelled out constitutionally.....a greed driven corporate fascist plutocracy is then "blameless"; even as they severely underpay and oppress the non-unionized, the weak, the vulnerable, and the powerless. The U.S. and world government history clearly show correlation data between aggregate immorality, the oppression of the poor, arrogance, apathy, etc. and further decline and societal decay. We can also look back to the decadent excess of the "roaring twenties"and the corresponding eventual total collapse of the nation's economy.

Most people haven't connected the dots as to why the U.S. has needed a bigger government since, say 1964. U.S. history clearly traces the correlation of declining morals and decadence with the need for more government.

Being immoral is simply embracing an anti-authoritarian world view....When a society morally declines in prosperous materialistic times and harboring disdain for authority becomes the dominant cultural mindset, or an "if it feels good do it" libertarian moral code abounds; the justice component of a progressive governing authority is designed to step up more aggressive legislation and policy which affects more controlled economic and social results.

In conclusion; to hate government, is to ultimately hate oneself, for even each of us certainly chooses a world view in which to govern ourselves whether it be moral or amoral...Society should be considered fortunate for having a Michael Moore who cries "wolf" to warn or a Barack Obama to spark hope and change when there's fear in the air.

JC Goodman

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