Sunday, August 07, 2011

...These Flaws Are Self Evident...Amend....Amend

The huge flaws in our republic and culture are self evident. The very issues that I am blogging and messaging about should be discussed face to face with our elected officials.

Debates and town-hall meetings, coffee party meetings are so infrequent and inconvenient. A republic really cannot work effectively, up to my standards....unless there is a huge grassroots movement that regularly monthly meets with those in congress face to face with peaceful, respectful, informed people that hold our congress accountable.

For lots of people, this is probably their only outlet to vent their frustration...which is very healthy!

Unfortunately, I am a realist....not an optimist....I see futility in our future, unless we are willing to morph into a better form..a better amending the dinosaur U.S. constitution that too may people overlook.

If it was a perfect document to begin with, it would have never been amended ......hello? ..Let's use logic here.

I would start by thinking outside the box and moving into the 21st century.

Congress doesn't need to physically be together to vote. Each State could have it's own U.S. FEDERAL congress with all fifty separate buildings.... thus making congress more accessible

A third grader could come up with better ideas than the failure that the status quo offers.

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