Friday, August 19, 2011

Revealing America's Deceptive Scam Of False Weath and Prosperity...once and for all...

What is wealth? What is quality of life? These questions may seem to be; too obviously subjective and personal to be addressed. Therefore, I will attempt to broaden this theme to include a country called; America...whose recent modern history epitomizes the concept of "false wealth".

I hope to clearly expose this toxic mixture of sensual desires with the misguided American culture of greed and materialism that has been birthed from demonic doctrines.... AKA...."name it and claim it" and the "metaphysical secret"...; which basically amounts to...a perverted..."faith" in one's own "faith".

Let's go one step further; to bring you up to where my view is. If you take the false faith; that I mention above...and mix it with a "super-prosperous country"; under a delusional spell; believing that the source of this "Wealth" is from a supernatural blessing...what do you get?

This "blessing"; that goes to a nation entitled to that "wealth" for being...simply... "Christian"...hmmmmm? many questions does it take to expose the LIE in the middle of a "tootsie pop"..the owl was asked?....Answer:..simply....three.

1) ...And evil nations do not prosper?...Pharaoh's Egypt....Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon...modern examples are here too, but...lest I get hate mail...I will say..they have oil...and slave-like underpaid labor....any questions?

2)..and does God show favoritism (in this context I am writing)?....does a loving Father not correct whom he loves?

Proverbs 13:24... Whoever spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

....then we REALLY REALLY know that God LOVES HAITIANS!!!!!!..any question here...?

3).....don't you remember the commercial...? The wise owl....never got to three!!!

Next; I offer a poem that conveys an intended message of ....finally .....someone clearing the smoggy air of deception and see things from the heart of a little, happy toddler; who gladly offers you ...the only thing he has....perhaps..a cookie or two....this is the most innocent image ...of "True Wealth".

Happy toddlers are the truly wealthy......are they ever laboring and worrying that their needs and wants are not adequately cared for......?

As it is written:

Truly I say to you, Whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. Mark 10:15


Smashing Dogs' Houses (Suburban America's golden cows) by JC Goodman
done in ghetto beat rap...or post-punk funk...

I gotta sure fire way outta your depression
a Lot can be bought in a statewide deception
but not just a particular hobby collection
is this chronic affectation...
it's a tradition perpetuation and a national obsession
first I have to say... it's my god given zone
to completely....absolutely consume a home loan
not to tell ya... we're free and clear
we owe gargantuan debt up to Ch-ch- china's ear
but not just a House...we worship Idols there
no, wait..our Dream Idol House
Is what's up in the air... we certainly absolutely
positively won't deny we converted our House
into a den of lies; a false, fake fascimile
and pie in the sky..we exalt proud suburbia ahead of everything alive!
we never have no time how
do we never have no time now?
cause' we are determinedly bound
to drop and worship this ground
we slave for thirty years
through all the hopes and fears
to build a remodeled prison
with crocodile tiers
and of course silly person
my dog comes first before I'd ever help a human
or quench their thirst
I know its rather surreal and perverse
to worship dogs
and feed them more
than a third of the Universe!

our decadent country lives to extol
our house proud image and keepsake troll
caus' ya know... that's how we roll
or else or else .. or else
I would not be welcome here
the altar is a wide, flat screen
communion with a beer
we get the sermon from the ads
each segment with a cheer
and so we slave ...we re-remodel...we steal
that time from our neighbor
what friends?...didn't you hear me clear?
I have no time for family or friends
or good samaritan works...
see..we've tapped out..of funds and time; you hear?
cause' my mortgaged house , two dog suburban mall
I need to wash ...fat hummer ...overpaid
.... soccer mom ....junk food and ...super giant plasma screen
phony plastic garbage life...which ''''burns''''' in the end.....
And all I have now for showboatin'
is Time that devil stole for gloatin'

Any questions?.......Any answers?.....Need a lawyer?

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