Saturday, August 06, 2011

Isn't It Time to Quicken Our Current Process of Legislation and Tax Policy in the U.S.?

Which is faster; a snail called "Phil A. Buster", or the passage of a progressive policy that can be activated in a timely manner?

The analogy takes place at a hospital, where a person lays dying from starvation from a severe famine and they also have bleeding wounds. But before medical attention is given to the person, the staff decides to have a long, drawn out committee meeting about who will pay for the cost of the care; and a few coffee breaks. By the time they come around to start helping the victim, their kidneys have shut down...and now it's an emergency crisis situation....hmmmmm.....sound familiar?

Just abolishing the filibuster would be a huge start! Do you realize that the republican abuse of the filibuster has been so insane and is mostly responsible for the watered down health care bill that just barely, agonizingly squeaked through inept congress. Thank you, Rachel Maddow for making me aware of it on MSNBC!

The 60 vote majority garbage in the senate...has got to go!

Let's think outside the box with tax policy.....If banks can change interest rates quarterly; and corporations report earnings quarterly... I think it is stupid for governments at all levels to not change tax rates quarterly for higher revenues.

Especially now in turbulent economic times....taxes on income should be levied quarterly. The concept of a yearly tax return or credit report is arbitrary and extremely unwise; to say things kindly.

These are just a few examples of how even minor tweaks can make significant positive progressive changes.

Unfortunately too many citizens here worship our U.S. government model and too many wealthy and powerful people benefit from the SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWWWWW pace of our lethargic broken system here.

Any questions? Any answers? Would you like a cigarette?

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Anonymous said...

While this posting is very funny. I am saddened to admit, everything your have assessed is 100% true!