Saturday, August 06, 2011

Isn't It Time For The Dinosaur Auto for Urban Mass Transit To Become Extinct?

I think the time may be here for people to start seeing the absolute failure of the auto for urban mass transit.

When will U.S society at large realize that this individualist self-centered approach is unwise, unhealthy,and unprofitable?

No more clogged/ stressful /dangerous/ freeway/ insanity/ stupidity/ waste

The obesity epidemic is here...because too many Americans don't walk.....they drive....everywhere...hello? They eat pretty good in France too...but they walk and bike.....exercise...fresh pollution from walking and bicycling...!!!!

I propose:

1) Nationalizing Oil and Energy

2) Finally bring transportation and energy consumption in America to the 21st Century by imposing these standards:

a) A European High Speed rail between every major city and light rail for mass transit in every major city

b) The ultimate destruction of the dinosaur auto for urban mass transportation

3) Reasonable Defense but NO WAR

a) Obviously there will be less energy and funding for the Military Industrial Complex Pentagon....and more for sustainable green energy and jobs....imagine that

b) Obviously ...less bombs, murder and mayhem....better environment

Any questions? Any Answers? Would you like a cigarette?

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