Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Irresponsibility: The Hallmark of Post-1980 American Immigration Abuse

My purpose here is to start a potentially viral thread, that plainly exposes the undeniable negligence of U.S. Security, on the one hand....hello?.... 9/11......; and the vile, disgusting, situational exploitation and abuse of labor; from precious, hard working , oppressed, mostly brown-skinned people.

I specifically use the "1980" year as a political paradigm shift... AKA..."The Reagan/Bush War On Government" years; which many believe; caused the beginnings of an irreversible systemic chaos which has; in my opinion...totally evaporated...what was once known as "The U.S Middle Class American Dream".

Any urban American (80% of USA); educated, and open-minded individual should by now be crystal clear that our current state of immigration can only rightly be called: an utter failure of the goal of a true "united republic"; when compared to a more successful model. The perpetual divisiveness or anti-cohesiveness of cultural poverty and artificial "class" lowering; mixed with the housing , shelter, and a job? ....that is lauded as being the ONLY, ultimate image of "success". Really?

Do you remember the false platitude of the American "melting pot" dream goal that has circulated through our culture ad nauseum for many years now? Honestly, I cannot imagine anyone currently living or even visiting a large American megalopolis that can still maintain this utter delusion as their "reality". I could only see a person who has never been out of a severely isolated rural province in the U.S. South or 98% WASP Vermont who could maybe not be so 'clued in'.

Nationalism, in my opinion, should only be a "side dish" issue, not the entree complet....sil vous plait..; in the world view of ANY CITIZEN ANYWHERE. Pride; left unchecked; can unintentionally lead to a foul smell of stinking, rotting issues that ultimately can ONLY cause more division than unity...any question here?

My eyes were totally opened when I lived in Sydney,Australia, in 2009. I had always heard that their country was ..."THE" model of intelligently controlled, yet open; Immigration. I guess you could say that if Australia and America were "being wooed" by an admirer, so to speak; Australia would be "hard to get.....while America would be the " easy whore"......foolishly leaving herself and others to be vulnerable to lovely things; like syphilis, gonorrheas and AIDS....any questions?

I was amazed at my experience in Australia...time and time again.....seeing with my own eyes; the incredible prosperity and assimilation of the newer immigrants. I feel sorry for Americans of age 50 and over who have never been to Australia. I mention this age bracket, because these people can travel there and see if they agree with the common assessment which I have heard many times; especially from my world-traveled clients.

This assessment can be summed up in one sentence, " Sydney and Melbourne, remind me of the quality of urban life that America USED to have in the 1950's through through 1970".

I would love some viral feedback. Please....the " door is open"....LOL...pun intended!

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