Thursday, August 11, 2011

Am I The Only Person Who Is Considering Leaving The U.S. Because Non-Progressive Policies and Values Have Gone Too Far?

I am 50, and I just do not relate with the toxic suburban culture that daily vexes my soul. Am I alone in noticing the alarming and expanding trend for lack of universal disrespect for one's God given desire for peace, quiet, meditation, and modesty? I stopped going to movie theatres because too many people are rude and talk and look at their lighted cellphone every five seconds. In Paris, often bad mouthed for being notoriously rude; I went to see a movie and people were respectful and I enjoyed it, except I had to read sub-titles!

I am tired of frequently hearing so many cloned, sociopathic freaks blasting their ghetto shaker bass stereos, tired of not having a Barcelona style....affordable...100% walkable....excellent transportation...promenade filled market places..and good food everywhere eating al fresco atmosphere.

I love the Mediterranean area...and when I am there I am home. The food! The people! The Weather....Progressive Europe! Greece! Israel!

I am not here to bash America.....I love the country for many reasons...however, a fair part of ignorance and arrogance yet thrives here; and someone needs to help bring it down to true think? That's my intention here.

But too many people are too uptight about minor things. We have over 5 times the per capita murder rate of single payer health insurance policy...more illiteracy...more poverty ....and it's getting worse every day.

I just think it's time for me to leave. I had a clue, because of all the crying when I have to get back on a plane after visiting the Mediterranean area and return to sterile, strip-malled, non-pedestrian suburbia with the loud, giant trucks that I can hear almost everywhere here, and fifteen disunited languages and voices all at once....loudly vying for their self-centered ethnic or national pride. Not to mention everyone has to have two loud barking dogs and a loud public cellphone conversation to match....Is this the American night mare or what?

I want to assimilate, if I so choose to emigrate...and develop my Spanish fluently, or Italian, or Maltese, or Greek, or Hebrew.

For me, the "American Dream" has certainly died. Too many people seem to be OK with the status quo, but I know that there is always hope that a remnant of concerned citizens, turn their wide screen TVs off for a while and start taking it to the streets! I am in awe of the complacency here that one does not find in most of Europe.

Therefore, I'm out. I have taken the pledge. Have you?

The Pledge For America

I Pledge to not be indifferent to The Divided State of America

And to the greedy, corporate Plutarchy for which this nation has fallen

The disunited multi-national, lingual, racial and financial aggregation

Rotting in vanity, pride and cultural decay

Which values profit and self-interests far above people and community
With liberty and justice drowning amidst its growing chaos and murder

Negotiable; for the market price

JC Goodman

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