Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Greater Threat To U.S. Security, Stability, And Quality of Life....Al Qaeda Or The Institutional Corruption Of Mexico?

First, this post is only for people, who like me, have either lived in a U.S./ Mexican Border State and/or are informed on this issue, and/or have experienced a clogged 24/7 San Ysidro border crossing and love the people of should fit at least one scenario to be qualified to respond.

Contrary to the corporate fascist free trade agenda people behind NAFTA, etc......Mexico has NOT been a poor, jobless country in recent years because of any ECONOMIC DISADVANTAGE whatsoever.

Selling this lie, was definitely included in the top 5 biggest scams ever pulled off to enrich the already wealthy corporations and their lobbyists......without so much of a gasp of media coverage. In fact, In a progressive world view, NAFTA should have been grounds for the Clinton impeachment...not his sexual proclivities......hello?

Mexico's dire, perpetual poverty level is 100% due to major corruption at all levels.....who suffers? The Mexican people have been ripped off.... Bernie Madoff style. The toll of the carnage to innocent, hard-working people from inaction is say the least!

The facts are currently, Mexico is the 13th LARGEST economy in the world...(not 39th hello?.. Nigeria!), for one....

From Tourism; that spans most of the beautiful country; the overall economy receives billions in revenue steadily, yearly....not to mention the estimated $11 Billion dollars wired and/or sent to loved ones trapped in the economic situation that is solely caused by an evil system of corruption and greed; and the more than 1,000,000 U.S. retirees who live there permanently.

To make a simple, realistic, and comparable analogy.....

If Mexico were to have a scale of government and corruption comparable to simple logic, any thinking person can see that their socio-economic situation would be at least.....NO WORSE proportionately, than Hungary's poverty and employment situations.

And Hungary has Tourism, I have lived there.........where would you rather live?

NOW,,,,after laying that all out....Here comes the question? Who should have been confronted by the U.S. Presidents' Administrations and then DIPLOMATICALLY THREATENED...That they need to STOP and pull the plug on their corruption...or face severe economic sanctions!

Who knows what would have played out for the better.....if the Kerry/Gore campaign would have tried this tough love pro-Mexican people anti-corruption approach.....Can you imagine how fired up the electorate would have been? I truly believe that ticket would have won...but thy never asked me to head their campaign...the rest is ...history!

Of course, they would have some job to do convincing Mexican Americans....that although sanctioned, it would be best for all of us to prove our due loyalty and get rid of this evil corruption that is strangling the precious people of Mexico....Viva La Raza!!!!!!

We all know here, the so called; "Imminent Al Qaeda threat to U.S. security" was a Bush/Cheney crime regime delusion, that unbelievably, our clueless, inept, corrupt congress gave them the power to execute a preemptive war.

I don't think I need to re-hash established talking points here...

One obvious simple solution that a 3rd grader could think of...Let's be smart and charge a progressive border crossing fee. How is this fair for taxpayers who never cross the border (most of us) foot that total bill....I'm all for for European-style smart socialism....but this is dumb, organized crime style socialism.....It would be comparable to; if deaf people had to personally subsidize rock concert venues...

The people who abuse the border by working in San Ysidro Border near San Diego, CA need to cough it up and pay for the stinking abuse, murder and daily torture of that crossing.

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