Sunday, August 21, 2011

U.S. Labor Policies Create And Hate The Working Poor

If you hate documentaries by Michael Moore, then my writing here will have to be considered to be in a category all on it's own.

Consider the continuing downward spiral of quality of American Suburban life, generally speaking; and the continuing declining "compensation power" of most working people since the late 1970's; but especially those that make a meager $14,000 - 22,000 annually; while working full time.

In this context;...I would say that; actually; Mr. Moore's comments have been too nice...and even; "sugar-coated"! If one were to compare his statements; with my title of this post and the reality of the injustice that I intend to expose here...I see the need to "set the record even more straight".

I specifically use the "1980" year as a political paradigm shift... AKA..."The Reagan/Bush Crime Family" years; many believe; caused the beginnings of an irreversible systemic chaos which has; in my opinion...totally evaporated...what was once known as "The U.S Middle Class American Dream". I have read several other political writers' works that have also pointed to this "meltdown timeline" as well.

Since 1980; you really do not have to look to hard to see...if you have "eyes to see".....the utter reckless "anti-labor fraud train"....wreak havoc and create poverty and hardship....and the resulting crime and violence that is linked therein.

How many CEOs...commit grand theft of worker's wages on a daily basis? How does a society delude itself into thinking that it can oppress these people with unfair, inadequate labor compensation....without any negative societal results? How can our elected members of congress be so blind to the lowest minimum wage in terms of buying power in over 40 years? How many people do we need to have on food stamps in the U.S., before we wake up and change those greedy ways?

Is it a shocking fact that The U.S. incarcerates more people than any nation on Earth?

For a contrast, see how the flip-side of the coin is in a country like Switzerland....where working people enjoy the top-tier higher than average wage compensation and the quality of life in urban Switzerland is astoundingly high.

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