Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moral "Christian Policy" or Corrupt Corporate Despotism in Post Democratic American Labor And Lending

If America, is really and truly a "Christian and moral nation" is the popular claim among those called the "conservatives"? Well then, me down.....and tell me that the Bush/Reagan years, including the wars, the Clinton compromise/mediocre years, and our current version 8.2 of the ever so unpopular ....Washington DC ..."Gridlock City freak show" .... hasn't totally maimed and perverted what I call, Post Democratic American Labor And Lending?

First, I need to ask the right questions here:

Have you ever heard or read any popular or famous "Christian moralist" the obscene lending scam that the "bible" condemns when it exceeds 5% interest..?.....

How has the this pernicious plague of over-indebtedness and usury been glossed over instead of being condemned as one the major causes of human woes and stressful, unnecessarily exploding, artificial poverty that has decimated this planet since the rise of the stealthy, slimy, greedy, and yet, strangely popular and powerful, Corporate Fascist World Bloc?

I haven't heard a "peep" or even seen a "tweet" of outrage...has anyone?

How Many People and Where in America Do You Think ONE Can Rent, Buy Food, and Transport being paid the sub-1964 minimum wage, when average housing costs were only 25% of average income, while currently it is over 40+% ?

Have you ever heard or read any popular or famous "Christian moralist".... like ...any? .....condemn the practice of stealing from and oppressing the working poor; mostly new immigrants, with historically sub-minimal, taking-advantage-of wages...WHICH IS ANYONE who currently is not paid AT LEAST.... $11 per hour! Today, in 2011; $11 has the same REAL buying power that $1.25 had in 1964 .... (the Federal Mininum Wage then).

Has anyone heard, even one, famous "moralist" with a nationwide platform, get the least bit disturbed about... a legal loophole that expects businesses to cheat and steal from hard working people, who are in desperate need of work, but unable to legally negotiate a living wage, and chances are, will need SNAP assistance and food pantry charities....while the grossly overpaid drown in disgusting opulence?

How hasn't greed and apathy finally and totally disabled working Americans for ever?.....

Let's even raise the wage higher and include families and or/couples ...closer to the current median of 39 K?....Sustainable, stable?.....for any Family of 2.4 to live on?

How many Americans who make up to $40,000 and still do not experience the quality of urban life comparable to most of Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand, And Australia?

The missing American urban factor is called the MODERN PROGRESSIVE ENERGY AND TRANSPORTATION GRID ONLY!!!....If you have visited these countries can you figure out that this modern progressive energy and transporation grid MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE

IN BASIC TERMS.....PEOPLE LIVING THERE ... LIVE A $ 45,000 lifesyle on $22,500.... WHERE AS... people in America PAY $45,000... for a $22,500 lifestyle that the average people in the above countries enjoy for a lot less stress and money!

This country's greed-centered policies provoke the lawlessness and chaos that continually increases here.


As it is written:
Without prophetic vision people run wild, but blessed are those who follow [God's] teachings.

Please, no delusional propaganda... no hate mail........just the facts please.....

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