Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Here's a sample uncovering of America....The Mother of All National Lies And Other Crimes Against Humanity"

REASON 22: America's pathological unwillingness to treat immigrants properly. Specifically; allowing them to be paid the current sub-minimum wages and discouraging assimilation into "middle class" status in the U.S.

In 2011, the current minimum wage would be $11.00 - 12.00 per hour; if it was based on the current buying power of the 1964 minimum wage of $1.25 per hour! Of course, housing was a mere 25% of average household income then...but since then, has mushroomed into a current; perverse and staggering; 40+% of income; demonstrating the moral bankruptcy of a country that has gone from its peak in our current disastrous situation; mainly because of the misguided and greed-driven tenet of "Real Estate as an investment"; instead of the 1964 housing purchase motivation; wanting a family dwelling to live in, and also; to leave it to the next generation.

Somewhere in the early 1970's; came the beginnings of America's unholy obsession with "national origin" and it is clearly marked as the indicator of the passive, apathetic acceptance of perpetual poverty and liguistic and literacy deficits in a significant portion of U.S. immigrants.

Certainly; there has been little evidence, over the last fifty years, of adopting policies which make concerted efforts toward a national goal of assimilation of immigrants by "popular choice". Instead, multi-national working class ghettos in urban America have been accepted as the status quo. Instead of assimilation we have a divided aggregation.

A close look at the quality of life in the majority of immigrant ghettos, reveals a stark contrast to that of "melting pot"

The Anti-Semitic and Anti-Christian agenda have been rolling full steam ahead in America since 1945...

The beginning of America's flagrant disregard for moral law whatsoever was witnessed by the whole world in stunning technicolor horror; as two Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in Aug. 1945!

There could be no mistake by Japan that this "Christian Nation" was just doing its duty to "win the war" in the name of "any means necessary"......This must be the same rationalizations for the Bush administration's war crimes against Iraq and Afghanistan which began in March 2003.

...Yet stay tuned.....more insight into more of America's galling blasphemies and sugar-coated half-truths and outright lies!!!!......

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