Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The "Free Market" Exposes Religious/Conservative Hypocrisy

I am Christian and I hate hypocrisy. That said, I will attempt to show that the extremely popular union of the cult of political conservative ideology with so many Christians or other moralists and religions is misguided. I will focus on one primary conservative tenet, namely the virtue of a so called, "free market".

Let's start with a biblical definition of freedom. True freedom is actually being bound by the laws of the One; all loving, all just and powerful God. Believers who are adhering and following His laws and commands are, as He promises, sowing seeds of everlasting prosperity through Him.

Let's contrast this with the insane notion that these values have anything at all to do with a complete, unfettered market which so many on the right espouse to be an ideal economic scenario. Prices are "free" to be set by the insane whims of the greedy and grossly overpaid (another issue of contention).

The market blindly sets prices that are "free" to be governed by the motivation of pure profit and greed, no matter how much artificial poverty it creates. Housing (shelter), and many other basic essential item values are then "free" to be inflated and overinflated way above and beyond the means of most working people and still they are "free" to skyrocket with no mercy.

This greed bubble is now "free" to keep on sucking in others, like a vacuum on steroids, to join in the market "ride" growing bigger until it finally; always bursts. Then, everyone affected by this burst has to endure the untold economic chaos that ensues in the aftermath.
How can you uphold this evil tenet, when Jesus talks about the weightier issues of justice, mercy and faith. How can you serve two masters? You can't! My God is not the god of chaos...the market god is the king of it!

I am sick of hearing all the blathering and repeated inane droning on about a failed tenet that doesn't even actually exist. There is no case in history where libertarianism ever worked at governing effectively. This ideology inanely assumes that most people will morally decide to magically "do the right thing"...because people are just naturally so good at governing themselves? Hello? There is still enough regulation in place that keeps our current market economy here in the US from totally imploding. We are truly not "free"....nor do we want to be....thank you!

In fact, if we would have had a progressive tax on income, real estate, and consumption; like they have in more civilized countries; we would never have seen this insane housing crisis that has finally imploded in the last few years. This crisis and others are simply the reaping of the bad, toxic seed that was sown to begin with.

Circa 1950 through the early 1970's, the average cost of housing was about 25% of average income and mostly afforded by a one income household. For over 30 years now, two or three household incomes are needed to buy a house that is at least an average of 40% or more of income and it still takes 30 years to pay off the debt. Wake up've been scammed by the cheap lure of materialism and a quick profit and you have become slaves of your own misguided values. What a bad "price" to pay....(pun intended).

It's pretty sad, that I can listen to atheists and unbelievers on the radio who can see right through this economic scam that has all but decimated the (under)"middle" class and the overall quality of life in many places, especially here in the U.S.

Do me a favor, stop whining about our current President, that a majority elected. Stop spouting the lie that progressive taxes are harmful, when they were extremely successful during the unparalleled economic growth from the end of Great Depression in 1938 until "The Gipper" began the regression to the economic insanity that we call "normal" now. Realize that it's our inept, corporate-bought-and-paid-for Congress that legislates these unjust laws, and instead, pray for Him and them; and please, get deprogrammed!

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R Thrower said...

Bravo! What an impressive statement by a good citizen of the United States! You, my friend, have underscored the politically obvious. None are so blind that they cannont see.

When we put aside our foolish, rigid idealogies and come together as a nation-this Country will be healed. Thank you for your astute observations.