Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Can't We Have Lemonade?

Haven't we heard enough from the ideologues that consistently whine about "the way things ought to be?" Conservatives will keep on droning on about their god, the "free market" panacea for every problem; while Liberals will keep hanging on to government-run programs that have already been declared dead years ago.

We don't need another hardliner who talks about the government with a face like they were sucking lemons or another sweet talker who oozes sugar; while pushing their misguided agenda like a used car salesman. We need a bartender.

Let me explain. Simply stated, most people intuitively realize that there are major problems with profit-driven, cut-throat capitalism; as well as serious problems with top down, motivation-destroying socialism.

Well, let's say... lemons stand for capitalism; and, let's say... sugar stands for socialism. I think that sums it up for me. Both lemons and sugar eaten by themselves are extreme to the taste buds and unappetizing. But, put them together, in the right combination, and add water....voila...there we have wonderful, refreshing lemonade!

But you ask, "what does the lemonade stand for?" Of course, it stands for Social Capitalism. It's fairly successful and has been around the world long enough for its benefits to be realized. Google it and see what the real "center" looks like. Add some ice and enjoy. Cool off and stop whining!

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Rebecca said...

The world needs to stop the bleeding, and study war no more.