Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Here's a sample uncovering of America....The Mother of All National Lies And Other Crimes Against Humanity"

REASON 22: America's pathological unwillingness to treat immigrants properly. Specifically; allowing them to be paid the current sub-minimum wages and discouraging assimilation into "middle class" status in the U.S.

In 2011, the current minimum wage would be $11.00 - 12.00 per hour; if it was based on the current buying power of the 1964 minimum wage of $1.25 per hour! Of course, housing was a mere 25% of average household income then...but since then, has mushroomed into a current; perverse and staggering; 40+% of income; demonstrating the moral bankruptcy of a country that has gone from its peak in our current disastrous situation; mainly because of the misguided and greed-driven tenet of "Real Estate as an investment"; instead of the 1964 housing purchase motivation; wanting a family dwelling to live in, and also; to leave it to the next generation.

Somewhere in the early 1970's; came the beginnings of America's unholy obsession with "national origin" and it is clearly marked as the indicator of the passive, apathetic acceptance of perpetual poverty and liguistic and literacy deficits in a significant portion of U.S. immigrants.

Certainly; there has been little evidence, over the last fifty years, of adopting policies which make concerted efforts toward a national goal of assimilation of immigrants by "popular choice". Instead, multi-national working class ghettos in urban America have been accepted as the status quo. Instead of assimilation we have a divided aggregation.

A close look at the quality of life in the majority of immigrant ghettos, reveals a stark contrast to that of "melting pot"

The Anti-Semitic and Anti-Christian agenda have been rolling full steam ahead in America since 1945...

The beginning of America's flagrant disregard for moral law whatsoever was witnessed by the whole world in stunning technicolor horror; as two Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in Aug. 1945!

There could be no mistake by Japan that this "Christian Nation" was just doing its duty to "win the war" in the name of "any means necessary"......This must be the same rationalizations for the Bush administration's war crimes against Iraq and Afghanistan which began in March 2003.

...Yet stay tuned.....more insight into more of America's galling blasphemies and sugar-coated half-truths and outright lies!!!!......

Sunday, August 21, 2011

U.S. Labor Policies Create And Hate The Working Poor

If you hate documentaries by Michael Moore, then my writing here will have to be considered to be in a category all on it's own.

Consider the continuing downward spiral of quality of American Suburban life, generally speaking; and the continuing declining "compensation power" of most working people since the late 1970's; but especially those that make a meager $14,000 - 22,000 annually; while working full time.

In this context;...I would say that; actually; Mr. Moore's comments have been too nice...and even; "sugar-coated"! If one were to compare his statements; with my title of this post and the reality of the injustice that I intend to expose here...I see the need to "set the record even more straight".

I specifically use the "1980" year as a political paradigm shift... AKA..."The Reagan/Bush Crime Family" years; many believe; caused the beginnings of an irreversible systemic chaos which has; in my opinion...totally evaporated...what was once known as "The U.S Middle Class American Dream". I have read several other political writers' works that have also pointed to this "meltdown timeline" as well.

Since 1980; you really do not have to look to hard to see...if you have "eyes to see".....the utter reckless "anti-labor fraud train"....wreak havoc and create poverty and hardship....and the resulting crime and violence that is linked therein.

How many CEOs...commit grand theft of worker's wages on a daily basis? How does a society delude itself into thinking that it can oppress these people with unfair, inadequate labor compensation....without any negative societal results? How can our elected members of congress be so blind to the lowest minimum wage in terms of buying power in over 40 years? How many people do we need to have on food stamps in the U.S., before we wake up and change those greedy ways?

Is it a shocking fact that The U.S. incarcerates more people than any nation on Earth?

For a contrast, see how the flip-side of the coin is in a country like Switzerland....where working people enjoy the top-tier higher than average wage compensation and the quality of life in urban Switzerland is astoundingly high.

Friday, August 19, 2011

America's Coming, Crumbling ...."Cut-Throat" Capitalist Catastrophe (a parable)

Well, where should we begin....but, of course with a parable! If you are given "eyes" "get it" will "get it"...and if a latte!

...this Nation..I liken to a young man, who started up his own company ...he was doggedly focused on success, full of promise...full of hope....not perfect....but he had good intentions. He started to mature..mostly from the good sources of help, counsel, studying, and advice of elders and sages of old ....he then; wisely; adopted some very good principles; and in due time; his craft..ultimately prospered...well into his prime years....

As he was getting on...he started getting cocky and a bit rebellious...scoffing at the ingenious inventions that others among his peers had modeled..and was even....jealous of them. He also started focusing his time and energy on devising "short cuts" and "get rich quick" schemes.....

We can see; already; that by now, he (in his imagination) thought so unjustly high of himself no credit to anyone but Himself....that he did not even consider following the best advice given from wise elders; who were teachers of holy scripture. By this time, he turned his heart completely toward the pursuit of earthly riches and power.

...And so it came to pass that he started listening to false economic "gurus" that spouted perverse fables of untold "wealth"...."name it and claim it"....and...."trickle down delusion"...and...."fake it 'til you make it"...and..."bad things never happen to good, blessed people"...and then; like any fool (who turns his back on wisdom and listens to fools), he got caught up in such a large scale wealth transfer scam .... those "Loopholes to Luxury"....and "Let's make usury legal"...or "Who cares about Sabbath?"...etc...

...And so; he began methodically increasing in mistreating his loyal workers...cutting back their merited benefits and grossly underpaying them...but just so ever be so almost undetectable spell of deception and chaos was sprung all through his company...

The decades that followed can be summed up as a crushing, "top down" corporate greed agenda, expanding and insane labor value disparity and division and strife within the company.....and no corrective policies were allowed to be adopted.... or even dared to be brought up in a meeting....any wise admonition was sneered at and rejected by this oppressive and tyrannical overlord; who despised the needs of the sick, poor, and weak people; with a passion.

Then, after almost three decades of momentous disparity; came the first rounds of "layoffs"....he also decreed that "There Shall Be No Collective Bargaining before Me".... "Or You will be replaced with a foreigner"....For at this point; he continually held to the delusion that all the sum of his input from others....had not REALLY...led to his success....but he was entitled to receive...'Wealth At Any Cost'...

So; he then began paying his employees even less and that he could live like a king...but racked up mountains of debt to subsidize his growing insatiable greed. Most egregiously....he started doing unsavory business agreements with traditionally evil competitors....hmmmm?....anything sound familiar yet?..

..We continue..yes?.....

...And then one day..... he started noticing ...that...more and more.....his workers had to quit and find work elsewhere.....on the stingy, unfair wages that he was paying....they could not even afford shelter......without being in debt for 30 years....and asking for charity and communal subsidies.

He still was blind to the needs of his workers...saying...."just go shopping"..."the market will solve everything".....with the spirit as stubborn as a man named "pharaoh"....he would not change his mind in the board meetings; when nine out of the eleven kept warningly advising...."Let that burden loading, "cut-throat" scheme of yours go"...

And so; his hardened, stone cold and greedy heart droned on; saying.... "I will not let my 'cut-throatism' go.."

So, he gathered together his cult of new age elite....and they devised accounting scams that temporarily make "money...out of thin air"...and stretch it like chewing gum. Then one day...when there was just barely enough workers left to barely just prime his sly and crafty 'Scammopoly Incorporated' greed machine...the stock value is his company went so low.... So, he laid off more workers; even his brother....and even his sister...and despair began to take root. be continued...this brings up to the day of reckoning currently upon us.....

As most people are still asleep in a "comfort coma" slumber......while their neglected and abused "house" catches fire....there must be a few folks to shout " on order to save the potential tragedy from upgrading to a 9/11 moment!!!

Any questions?....Any answers?...Need a megaphone?

Morals: GREED KILLS......and a house built on so certainly going to's a question of when.....

Revealing America's Deceptive Scam Of False Weath and Prosperity...once and for all...

What is wealth? What is quality of life? These questions may seem to be; too obviously subjective and personal to be addressed. Therefore, I will attempt to broaden this theme to include a country called; America...whose recent modern history epitomizes the concept of "false wealth".

I hope to clearly expose this toxic mixture of sensual desires with the misguided American culture of greed and materialism that has been birthed from demonic doctrines.... AKA...."name it and claim it" and the "metaphysical secret"...; which basically amounts to...a perverted..."faith" in one's own "faith".

Let's go one step further; to bring you up to where my view is. If you take the false faith; that I mention above...and mix it with a "super-prosperous country"; under a delusional spell; believing that the source of this "Wealth" is from a supernatural blessing...what do you get?

This "blessing"; that goes to a nation entitled to that "wealth" for being...simply... "Christian"...hmmmmm? many questions does it take to expose the LIE in the middle of a "tootsie pop"..the owl was asked?....Answer:..simply....three.

1) ...And evil nations do not prosper?...Pharaoh's Egypt....Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon...modern examples are here too, but...lest I get hate mail...I will say..they have oil...and slave-like underpaid labor....any questions?

2)..and does God show favoritism (in this context I am writing)?....does a loving Father not correct whom he loves?

Proverbs 13:24... Whoever spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

....then we REALLY REALLY know that God LOVES HAITIANS!!!!!!..any question here...?

3).....don't you remember the commercial...? The wise owl....never got to three!!!

Next; I offer a poem that conveys an intended message of ....finally .....someone clearing the smoggy air of deception and see things from the heart of a little, happy toddler; who gladly offers you ...the only thing he has....perhaps..a cookie or two....this is the most innocent image ...of "True Wealth".

Happy toddlers are the truly wealthy......are they ever laboring and worrying that their needs and wants are not adequately cared for......?

As it is written:

Truly I say to you, Whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. Mark 10:15


Smashing Dogs' Houses (Suburban America's golden cows) by JC Goodman
done in ghetto beat rap...or post-punk funk...

I gotta sure fire way outta your depression
a Lot can be bought in a statewide deception
but not just a particular hobby collection
is this chronic affectation...
it's a tradition perpetuation and a national obsession
first I have to say... it's my god given zone
to completely....absolutely consume a home loan
not to tell ya... we're free and clear
we owe gargantuan debt up to Ch-ch- china's ear
but not just a House...we worship Idols there
no, wait..our Dream Idol House
Is what's up in the air... we certainly absolutely
positively won't deny we converted our House
into a den of lies; a false, fake fascimile
and pie in the sky..we exalt proud suburbia ahead of everything alive!
we never have no time how
do we never have no time now?
cause' we are determinedly bound
to drop and worship this ground
we slave for thirty years
through all the hopes and fears
to build a remodeled prison
with crocodile tiers
and of course silly person
my dog comes first before I'd ever help a human
or quench their thirst
I know its rather surreal and perverse
to worship dogs
and feed them more
than a third of the Universe!

our decadent country lives to extol
our house proud image and keepsake troll
caus' ya know... that's how we roll
or else or else .. or else
I would not be welcome here
the altar is a wide, flat screen
communion with a beer
we get the sermon from the ads
each segment with a cheer
and so we slave ...we re-remodel...we steal
that time from our neighbor
what friends?...didn't you hear me clear?
I have no time for family or friends
or good samaritan works...
see..we've tapped out..of funds and time; you hear?
cause' my mortgaged house , two dog suburban mall
I need to wash ...fat hummer ...overpaid
.... soccer mom ....junk food and ...super giant plasma screen
phony plastic garbage life...which ''''burns''''' in the end.....
And all I have now for showboatin'
is Time that devil stole for gloatin'

Any questions?.......Any answers?.....Need a lawyer?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Irresponsibility: The Hallmark Of Post-1980 American Abuse Of Wealth

This topic should be rather juicy and might raise some eyebrows...I sure hope so.

I specifically use the  year "1980" as a political paradigm shift... which began a concerted effort by the Neo-Conservatives in power to decimate and eventually destroy the U.S. middle class; while infecting America with incestuous and divisive anti-government memes.

1981, began the misguided "Neo-Conservative" effort to undo every progressive change (Since FDR) within U.S. government that had been the backbone of  building a huge middle class with high home ownership (1950 -1992)."The Reagan/Bush *Crime Family years" (1981-1993 and 2001-2009), many believe have caused the beginnings of an irreversible, systemic, economic chaos which has, in my opinion...totally evaporated...what was once known as "The U.S Middle Class American Dream".

There's a saying that states..."One can really find out a lot about someone by looking at their checkbook". I want to take that notion, and show how demonstrably irresponsible the U.S. has been in spending; and how she fails to live up to all the hype over America's staunchly touted idealism.....and see what we can all find out about....the misguided priorities within America's Super Power Checking Account.

Let's go through it....shall we?

Sifting the data; as proportioned in the pie charts of last year's U.S.federal budget, you can clearly see the inordinate and perverse sense of insecurity and aggressiveness that is demonstrated by "Defense"...and of course, you must know by now, all the private corporations that salivate daily for "war profit". But, keep smiling...we haven't even begun to see the depth of, what I call; "wealth abuse".

Obviously, I cannot take the time to go through ALL the warped valuations and wasted, unscrupulous nauseum...but I may be able; to highlight one or two "tell tale" signs of the "top down from the few" budget bias that always "trickles up" to the almighty, taxpayer funded, bloated, hypocritical "Entitlists".

All those billion dollar, ethically debatable, corporate contracts; that simply; do not materialize any tangible economic benefit ("trickle down") "We The Average People's"...quality of life....
Can we get scammed here good...or what?.....was that a gasp?

Just think of all the bullet trains, metro rails, van pools, etc.; that there would have greatly improved the ever declining, U.S. Urban quality of life  by now...had there not been the staggering *840% gap between ....GIANT DEFENSE ....and teeny dept. of transportation.....are you crying yet?

And, just think....if we ONLY had as many schools as shopping malls.....yeah ....fer sure...dood...that did not just bum and harsh me bro....but seriously; even if I combine both the Depts.of Education and Housing and Urban Development ....there is still a whopping 700% "defense gap" ....(hello illiteracy and homelessness...goodbye "middle class").....are those; tears that I see?

I am enjoying this, but..I have clearly made my point

Because of the extensive volumes of written word on "Wealth and Poverty" is easy to find many wise sayings and quotes from many different religions to choose from. I am going to quote from the Bible; mainly because of the volume and scope of this universal issue.

Also, because of the ubiquitous, "America, the moral Christian Nation" platitude...that most of us are "fed up" with; I thought that this would be a good place to "pound the last nail in the coffin" of this tired, veritable "tripe" that is passed off as "gospel"......I know, I know...hypocrisy smells horrible...doesn't it?

I am here to "freshen the air" and restore some sanity to this this post. I promise...

Here's a good cross section of Holy Scripture:

LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill? ... (Psalm 15:1)

He that putteth not out his money to usury, nor taketh reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things shall never be moved. (Psalm 15:5)

The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing. (Psalm 34:10)

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24

A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked. (Psalm 37:16)

Matthew 6:19, 20 "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. "But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;

After reading, the above; all we have to do is ask the right questions....

Does this level of the standard of morality; which is outlined in ANY way seem...AT ALL...anywhere.. all the hyped-up, zealous bigotry that is heard blasting from the bastions of False "Conservative" Rhetoric?

Also, if there is....some "Texas Tea Party Utopian Paradise of Wealth"....that we ALL need to aspire to attain someday....and we ALL should be involved in playing the same game of "musical-chair-run-over-your-grandmother-at-any-cost" style of "shark tank" can this prevailing attitude of greed square with what Jesus said in Scripture?

PHEWWW!...that's without any doubt; the longest "sentence" that I have ever written! I think I'm done here.

* In 2010, the U.S. allocated 8.4 times the money for "Defense" than for U.S. Transportation; exacerbating its failure to provide nationwide fast rail as an alternative to the dinosaur auto.

The Fiery Danger of the False "Christian" American World View

Well let's see....this does not take too long to lay out here....Even agnostics, and maybe even atheists can see through this false, delusional "Christian" American world view. To be fair to me, a sincere author;....spare your judgement; until the end of the post, I beg you.

BTW.. I saw a highly questionable, zealously religious political pundit; recently on TV. Honestly, I was surprised; and also quite disturbed in...seeing only "this person" represent "Christian" political punditry there; and everywhere...I may add. Honestly though; it does beg the question whether ANY TV station..will ever invite me the Antitype to ?..Miss Misinformed?...I rather; decline to assess anything further here.

I am a committed follower of Christ Jesus and my written word is the epitome of the concept; "polar opposite" of the views I have heard from this person.
...wouldn't it be nice to truly see a TV network; that is REALLY fair and balanced?..... because "inquiring minds...want to know"...

See if you can parallel this theme that I am unraveling here and to contrast Jesus' recorded gospel accounts; where he confronted his contemporaries; very powerful "Religious Leaders"....and their mindsets..

It goes something silly like this:

I was born in America, the place where God made very elite, "hand picked", and wise people; supernaturally form a constitution, and fabricate a golden image of this "idealist dream nation" that we can worship and carve into stone; instead of practicing real I am also entitled to carry an "uzi" to ...wherever I want. Since I am better than those sinners, we should also deny "special family rights" to those "San Francisco Castro Value" types of people.... therefore; I have a birthright as a "Christian", don't I?...sound familiar?

The truth here, is really so obvious to those who have been given "eyes to see"....that This false notion will not prosper. It's ironic to me that the very ones, screaming the loudest about our "Christian Nation"; are the same folks who cannot hear the "still small voice" of truth saying sadly.... No, " you poor, mistaken and deluded pawn of ignorance"....America is plainly; a veritable ...FALSE "Christian Nation".
Matthew 22:29 ..Jesus answered them, "You are mistaken because you don't know the Scriptures or God's power"

Another tenet of the above hypocritical nonsense is: Since we are the "true christian nation" all the world.....we are therefore entitled to ignorantly brag and arrogantly parade around our national flag and other emblems; that we also worship as idols..
..and please, no pathetic attempts to take my last statement out of the CLEAR context of....."Over Zealous False Religion".....remember?...don't even think about it...your weapon will not prosper!

Just this morning, I listened to The Reverend Dr.Martin Luther King's: "I Have A Dream".... video archives..and I was moved to sobbing tears.....because, U2; the band; in their world famous smash hit..."Pride..In The Name Of Love"...revealed the self-evident truth that...Dr. King, like Jesus had been severely persecuted, beaten, despised, shamed, and finally crucified/murdered ...taken out of the it clearly blameless that even Pontius Pilate... an UNBELIEVER could see....AND Very, VERY FEW ....out of the many..(millions in Dr. King's day)....HAD THE SLIGHTEST CLUE...Of the eternal blessings and innumerable providential purposes....showing clearly the utter reprobate morality of the times ....which ... I, clearly see that we have upon us now.

"This post 2000 AD new millennium is...The Age of Hypocrisy and Deceit"...JC Goodman

Matthew 23
English Standard Version (ESV)
Matthew 23

Seven Woes to the Scribes and Pharisees

1Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples, 2 "The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat, 3so practice and observe whatever they tell you— but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice. 4 They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear,[a] and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger. 5 They do all their deeds to be seen by others. For they make their phylacteries broad and their fringes long, 6and they love the place of honor at feasts and the best seats in the synagogues 7and greetings in the marketplaces and being called rabbi[b] by others. 8 But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brothers.[c] 9 And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. 10Neither be called instructors, for you have one instructor, the Christ. 11 The greatest among you shall be your servant. 12 Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

Any questions?..... Any answers?......Need A light?.....

Exposing Apathy: America's Most Deadly Past Time

One of the most important attributes about this blessed and privileged country that most of us love; is it's unique, Constitutional imperative that American citizens have the opportunity; and are also encouraged to...


Now that I have laid the context of where I am coming from that a reader of the message in my "poem".....does not mistake my SATIRE ......and accuse me falsely of "hating America"......when the opposite is the reality....

Here's the link to my poem. I am the author..... I hope this helps......

Irresponsibility: The Hallmark of Post-1980 American Immigration Abuse

My purpose here is to start a potentially viral thread, that plainly exposes the undeniable negligence of U.S. Security, on the one hand....hello?.... 9/11......; and the vile, disgusting, situational exploitation and abuse of labor; from precious, hard working , oppressed, mostly brown-skinned people.

I specifically use the "1980" year as a political paradigm shift... AKA..."The Reagan/Bush War On Government" years; which many believe; caused the beginnings of an irreversible systemic chaos which has; in my opinion...totally evaporated...what was once known as "The U.S Middle Class American Dream".

Any urban American (80% of USA); educated, and open-minded individual should by now be crystal clear that our current state of immigration can only rightly be called: an utter failure of the goal of a true "united republic"; when compared to a more successful model. The perpetual divisiveness or anti-cohesiveness of cultural poverty and artificial "class" lowering; mixed with the housing , shelter, and a job? ....that is lauded as being the ONLY, ultimate image of "success". Really?

Do you remember the false platitude of the American "melting pot" dream goal that has circulated through our culture ad nauseum for many years now? Honestly, I cannot imagine anyone currently living or even visiting a large American megalopolis that can still maintain this utter delusion as their "reality". I could only see a person who has never been out of a severely isolated rural province in the U.S. South or 98% WASP Vermont who could maybe not be so 'clued in'.

Nationalism, in my opinion, should only be a "side dish" issue, not the entree complet....sil vous plait..; in the world view of ANY CITIZEN ANYWHERE. Pride; left unchecked; can unintentionally lead to a foul smell of stinking, rotting issues that ultimately can ONLY cause more division than unity...any question here?

My eyes were totally opened when I lived in Sydney,Australia, in 2009. I had always heard that their country was ..."THE" model of intelligently controlled, yet open; Immigration. I guess you could say that if Australia and America were "being wooed" by an admirer, so to speak; Australia would be "hard to get.....while America would be the " easy whore"......foolishly leaving herself and others to be vulnerable to lovely things; like syphilis, gonorrheas and AIDS....any questions?

I was amazed at my experience in Australia...time and time again.....seeing with my own eyes; the incredible prosperity and assimilation of the newer immigrants. I feel sorry for Americans of age 50 and over who have never been to Australia. I mention this age bracket, because these people can travel there and see if they agree with the common assessment which I have heard many times; especially from my world-traveled clients.

This assessment can be summed up in one sentence, " Sydney and Melbourne, remind me of the quality of urban life that America USED to have in the 1950's through through 1970".

I would love some viral feedback. Please....the " door is open"....LOL...pun intended!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ideology Contrast .....Left Wing /Right Wing "Authoritarianism" or "Motivation Theory"

I recently caught a title of an article that addresses this very question. I could only skim read, because in length and scope, it was ad I was inspired to start a juicy topic here.

The author's conclusion was clearly stated....Leftist politics is absolutely Authoritarian, and Rightist politics, therefore is positionally neutered from being able to impose restrictive freedom upon society. Really?

My first problem, with this statement that it reeks of a false dichotomy....which I have experienced to be, a far more popular notion on the right than on the left; intellectually speaking. It actually took me less than five seconds to intuitively assess that...authoritarianism... is really not the heart of the matter at all. Authority is basically a tool to lead informed, wise, thoughtful, and generous people towards peaceful societal co-existence. Sounds like part of a recipe for an ideal democratic republic...does it not?

My goal here is to shed more light on the MOTIVATION behind using the two-sided "sword of authority". It's my contention, that generally, this MOTIVATION behind any authority can be fairly clearly analyzed...whether it be self-serving, few-serving directed, on the right; or others-serving, many-serving oriented, on the left. We need to take a closer look at the function of properly tempered governmental authority here.

My concept here can clearly be stated that:

A) Generally the right wing is driven by individualist-serving, powerful-few serving legislation; both in corporate, business and in moral criminal law. The right wing prefers legislation to be dogmatic, and "set in stone" (easy for narrow minds to understand) and closed to further change or discussion by any, except for the few; wealthy and powerful elite.

Therefore, mostly, right wing ideology is proportionately more popular with teenagers and those in the twilight years of life...who have closed their ears to new thoughts.....they do NOT want anybody to tell them what to do!...and when do teenagers listen?....they want to learn the ropes by themselves....they just don't trust those boring, "authoritarian warnings" that may save their lives.

Let's look at the familiar misguided complaining behind compulsory seat belt and helmet laws. It's almost a foregone conclusion that the MOTIVATION behind the law is overarching altruism and thoughtfulness both to individual safety prevention and to keep insurance rates lower for all the sane people, who end up subsidizing the costs of the insane rebels who get maimed or needlessly die with their "freedom" to be reckless taken with them.

A few weeks ago, a telling story made the press, about someone who tragically died in a crash because of not wearing a helmet. Ironically, the event happened during an.....anti-compulsory helmet law demonstration....what a price to pay for "freedom"...don't you think?

B) Generally the left wing is motivated by a many-serving, other-serving world view; which has the intention of legislating regulation to limit the individual entity's abuse of entitlement. On the left, we understand the built-in problems of human greed, stupidity, thoughtlessness and low information or ignorance...need to be rooted out by the careful use, not the abuse of authority. It is intuitively assessed also, that these above negative, undesirable traits do not bode well within a peace loving, idyllic democratic republic.

Therefore we prefer a constitution and laws that are amendable, evolving, progressing; as it were; and open to societal imput from all walks of life. We believe that it is not possible or practical to legislate the morals of "victimless" scenarios.

Foolishly, the ideology of the right wing, puts the onus of law and order on the individual's own personal moral restraints...and we all know how that works out...hello?... Detroit. Because, we don't really need too many laws or regulation, now do we? People will just magically love each other, and "do the right thing"...and, of course, we can always count on the mystical "market" genie to just work everything out!!! Piece Of Cake!

Therefore, generally, there are proportionately more liberals in the 25-65 year age range....we appreciate the "nanny state" for good reasons. Our "Nanny" has our best interests in mind and always reads "moral stories" to us before tucking us in. We families want our "Nanny" to
protect us from those bad "boogie men" with ruthless intentions that steal our quality of life; balancing the individual's civil rights with the practical expectations of a community that values the common peace...if we let them!

Two other important concepts to also consider in assessing the two-sided "sword of authority" is ascertained by looking at a root word "author" which really points toward "motivation"; and whereas a sword can be used to "kill"; it may also be used to "defend". One has to meditate a bit on that! Also, the ironic tyrannical, chaotic "authority" of anarchy and lawlessness which historically, provenly leads an every-man-for-himself-society fairly quickly to corruption and its eventual total collapse.

Does one think that the drift toward anarchy is a chance for real "freedom" from "Nanny"? Does one think that real peace could actually exist if there is no universal, societal sense of boundaries drawn to seriously impede or stop one's malevolent intentions from prospering and therefore ultimately thoroughly corrupting society? How could this ideology, ultimately, not lead to a chaotic society of vandals, vigilantes, and overall societal discord and paranoia.....hello?...Somalia.

No wonder that some studies' statistics have shown a significantly higher proportional number of suicides under conservative rule, than under liberal rule....hmmmm....

Lastly, what of the hypocritical stance from the right wing that wants government laws not to apply to business, yet; with the same passion; legislate; at great financial and bureaucratic cost and waste; morality that can only potentially self-inflict harm? Drug abuse and prostitution, are just two of many in this category. hmmmmm?

Please, I would also wish to experience someone try to defend the perverted use of "Nanny" by the right. The concept of a caretaker is traditionally thought of as a cheerful and loving person; but recently has been twisted by the "right" to mean an overbearing monstrous drill sergeant on steroids. Maybe all these ideologues with "daddy issues" need some therapy? What do you think?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello ?....America WAKE UP and smell the Fire!!!!!

Unfortunately, as a realist, I think that the most important question for the future of America should be ,,, will their ever be an even greater progressive alternative to the Tea Party...?

There may be a glimmer of hope, if people like Van Jones and others can start to form something comparable, really soon.....the time clock is ticking...

We could LITERALLY have a robot in the oval office....because....

So much of the corrupting influence of the corporate despotic agenda has crept into the Supreme Court and Congress in recent years that have wreaked havoc with the fragile balance of powers outlined in our U.S. Constitution. With some super anti-democratic rules in the house and senate; like the filibuster and the 60 vote majority...with the tug of war that has been pulling to the right since the Reagan/Bush crime-family has made the office of the President fairly muted or moot.

Please talk me down and tell me why we even waste our breath on talking good or bad about a President here and now?.....

Our flawed system can ONLY work when the 3 branches of government are equal and not corrupt.....that's just reality....

The real power is still in the apathetic, sleeping, over- indulged American people.....hello? LONDON CALLING........on fire?.....hello? any body out there....?
What will be the voter turnout in 2012? We shall wait and see.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Am I The Only Person Who Is Considering Leaving The U.S. Because Non-Progressive Policies and Values Have Gone Too Far?

I am 50, and I just do not relate with the toxic suburban culture that daily vexes my soul. Am I alone in noticing the alarming and expanding trend for lack of universal disrespect for one's God given desire for peace, quiet, meditation, and modesty? I stopped going to movie theatres because too many people are rude and talk and look at their lighted cellphone every five seconds. In Paris, often bad mouthed for being notoriously rude; I went to see a movie and people were respectful and I enjoyed it, except I had to read sub-titles!

I am tired of frequently hearing so many cloned, sociopathic freaks blasting their ghetto shaker bass stereos, tired of not having a Barcelona style....affordable...100% walkable....excellent transportation...promenade filled market places..and good food everywhere eating al fresco atmosphere.

I love the Mediterranean area...and when I am there I am home. The food! The people! The Weather....Progressive Europe! Greece! Israel!

I am not here to bash America.....I love the country for many reasons...however, a fair part of ignorance and arrogance yet thrives here; and someone needs to help bring it down to true think? That's my intention here.

But too many people are too uptight about minor things. We have over 5 times the per capita murder rate of single payer health insurance policy...more illiteracy...more poverty ....and it's getting worse every day.

I just think it's time for me to leave. I had a clue, because of all the crying when I have to get back on a plane after visiting the Mediterranean area and return to sterile, strip-malled, non-pedestrian suburbia with the loud, giant trucks that I can hear almost everywhere here, and fifteen disunited languages and voices all at once....loudly vying for their self-centered ethnic or national pride. Not to mention everyone has to have two loud barking dogs and a loud public cellphone conversation to match....Is this the American night mare or what?

I want to assimilate, if I so choose to emigrate...and develop my Spanish fluently, or Italian, or Maltese, or Greek, or Hebrew.

For me, the "American Dream" has certainly died. Too many people seem to be OK with the status quo, but I know that there is always hope that a remnant of concerned citizens, turn their wide screen TVs off for a while and start taking it to the streets! I am in awe of the complacency here that one does not find in most of Europe.

Therefore, I'm out. I have taken the pledge. Have you?

The Pledge For America

I Pledge to not be indifferent to The Divided State of America

And to the greedy, corporate Plutarchy for which this nation has fallen

The disunited multi-national, lingual, racial and financial aggregation

Rotting in vanity, pride and cultural decay

Which values profit and self-interests far above people and community
With liberty and justice drowning amidst its growing chaos and murder

Negotiable; for the market price

JC Goodman


The missing American urban factor, called the MODERN PROGRESSIVE HEALTH, ENERGY AND TRANSPORTATION GRID, will ONLY be ascertained, if you have visited the countries listed below. One can then see how vast a difference, in the scale of values between what each continent offer its citizens.

This modern progressive health, energy and transportation grid ...MAKES ALL THE the common daily issues of stress, economics, and even the U.S. obesity epidemic...pedestrian promenades, sidewalks, and tranquil, al fresco dining per capita...overall quality of life....

IN BASIC TERMS.....PEOPLE LIVING THERE... LIVE A $ 45,000 lifestyle on $22,000..... WHEREAS... people in America... PAY $45,000 for a $22,000 LIFE... that of the average people in countries listed below...

.....IOW.... The Suburban American Culture of the 80% of Americans who live there pay a HIDDEN "American Energy, Health Care, and Suburban TAX" that Europeans don't have to pay because of their progressive collective energy, transportation, and pedestrian model that we have foolishly ignored here in 80% of the unsustainable suburban U.S.A. stress-plex.

..."scams are not scams until you know that you are in one.".....JC GOODMAN...

The profit-driven corporate despots who designed American Suburbia have won.......Americans have become....shall we say....the "Un-Europeans"....voter turnout apathy?...BMI from...stress and fast food's underpaid workers?..

If you begin to ....connect the dots.... you can see clearly that the SAME EXACT PEOPLE who hate progressives and socialists...also hate Europe, Canada, New Zealand, And Australia....because they are living the progressive collective urban dream...better than America...and they know do you spell bilingual/ trilingual 4 or 5 week Vacationers?....... WORKING EUROPEANS.....

The popular, misguided anti-European sentiment in the U.S. political right has been seething for many years...For Obvious Jealous Reasons...that I make clear here...

Any Question?...Any Answers?....Ride A Bullet Train Lately? Seen Any emigrants from there flooding Immigration into America? Paid cash for Health Care lately? Life Expectancy?

Moral "Christian Policy" or Corrupt Corporate Despotism in Post Democratic American Labor And Lending

If America, is really and truly a "Christian and moral nation" is the popular claim among those called the "conservatives"? Well then, me down.....and tell me that the Bush/Reagan years, including the wars, the Clinton compromise/mediocre years, and our current version 8.2 of the ever so unpopular ....Washington DC ..."Gridlock City freak show" .... hasn't totally maimed and perverted what I call, Post Democratic American Labor And Lending?

First, I need to ask the right questions here:

Have you ever heard or read any popular or famous "Christian moralist" the obscene lending scam that the "bible" condemns when it exceeds 5% interest..?.....

How has the this pernicious plague of over-indebtedness and usury been glossed over instead of being condemned as one the major causes of human woes and stressful, unnecessarily exploding, artificial poverty that has decimated this planet since the rise of the stealthy, slimy, greedy, and yet, strangely popular and powerful, Corporate Fascist World Bloc?

I haven't heard a "peep" or even seen a "tweet" of outrage...has anyone?

How Many People and Where in America Do You Think ONE Can Rent, Buy Food, and Transport being paid the sub-1964 minimum wage, when average housing costs were only 25% of average income, while currently it is over 40+% ?

Have you ever heard or read any popular or famous "Christian moralist".... like ...any? .....condemn the practice of stealing from and oppressing the working poor; mostly new immigrants, with historically sub-minimal, taking-advantage-of wages...WHICH IS ANYONE who currently is not paid AT LEAST.... $11 per hour! Today, in 2011; $11 has the same REAL buying power that $1.25 had in 1964 .... (the Federal Mininum Wage then).

Has anyone heard, even one, famous "moralist" with a nationwide platform, get the least bit disturbed about... a legal loophole that expects businesses to cheat and steal from hard working people, who are in desperate need of work, but unable to legally negotiate a living wage, and chances are, will need SNAP assistance and food pantry charities....while the grossly overpaid drown in disgusting opulence?

How hasn't greed and apathy finally and totally disabled working Americans for ever?.....

Let's even raise the wage higher and include families and or/couples ...closer to the current median of 39 K?....Sustainable, stable?.....for any Family of 2.4 to live on?

How many Americans who make up to $40,000 and still do not experience the quality of urban life comparable to most of Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand, And Australia?

The missing American urban factor is called the MODERN PROGRESSIVE ENERGY AND TRANSPORTATION GRID ONLY!!!....If you have visited these countries can you figure out that this modern progressive energy and transporation grid MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE

IN BASIC TERMS.....PEOPLE LIVING THERE ... LIVE A $ 45,000 lifesyle on $22,500.... WHERE AS... people in America PAY $45,000... for a $22,500 lifestyle that the average people in the above countries enjoy for a lot less stress and money!

This country's greed-centered policies provoke the lawlessness and chaos that continually increases here.


As it is written:
Without prophetic vision people run wild, but blessed are those who follow [God's] teachings.

Please, no delusional propaganda... no hate mail........just the facts please.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Debunking More Dark Sayings

My response to the article "The Totalitarianism of the Progressive Mindset" by Anthony Gregory...

The article is fictional...because it makes broad, sweeping categorical statements that are not helpful to an already weak position, but typical to the reactionary mindset.

As the common progressive world view can only truly be intellectually grasped and understood when there is a progressive in power. It will not be understood from a smattering of incoherent "examples" from a single nation under a passive tyranny resulting from neglect and abuse of an outdated governing document called the U.S. Constitution. Neither will ignorant assumptions of its universal association with secularism prove to be true to fact.

We have U.S. history under FDR from 1933 - 1945 as the most shining example of the wisest progressive policies to follow in the worst of socio-economic times....

Totalitarianism does not coincide with a progressive mindset.....just as sand does not oil machinery.

The ultimate progressive state would never have a Constitution foolishly written in stone, but there would wisely be a gradual, but stable, ebb and flow of governance and policy according to the general overall morality of the people it is governing.

Obviously, if 90% of everyone truly loved their neighbor as their self and gladly, volunteered to give to the collective as to the proportion of how each fared economically; why indeed would government need to be aggressive in legislating a system of greed disincentives or other "repressive" policies? The former, I believe, is really at the root of all problems.

The recent U.S. culture continually morally declines into greater divisions of disparity as they worship the false idol of its Constitutional Form as a lucrative cash cow with huge loopholes that allow greed and evil to prosper and does not seek to amend the self-evident flaws that moral people can clearly see..."the emperor has no clothes".

For example, because paying a minimum living wage is not directly spelled out constitutionally.....a greed driven corporate fascist plutocracy is then "blameless"; even as they severely underpay and oppress the non-unionized, the weak, the vulnerable, and the powerless. The U.S. and world government history clearly show correlation data between aggregate immorality, the oppression of the poor, arrogance, apathy, etc. and further decline and societal decay. We can also look back to the decadent excess of the "roaring twenties"and the corresponding eventual total collapse of the nation's economy.

Most people haven't connected the dots as to why the U.S. has needed a bigger government since, say 1964. U.S. history clearly traces the correlation of declining morals and decadence with the need for more government.

Being immoral is simply embracing an anti-authoritarian world view....When a society morally declines in prosperous materialistic times and harboring disdain for authority becomes the dominant cultural mindset, or an "if it feels good do it" libertarian moral code abounds; the justice component of a progressive governing authority is designed to step up more aggressive legislation and policy which affects more controlled economic and social results.

In conclusion; to hate government, is to ultimately hate oneself, for even each of us certainly chooses a world view in which to govern ourselves whether it be moral or amoral...Society should be considered fortunate for having a Michael Moore who cries "wolf" to warn or a Barack Obama to spark hope and change when there's fear in the air.

JC Goodman

A Greater Threat To U.S. Security, Stability, And Quality of Life....Al Qaeda Or The Institutional Corruption Of Mexico?

First, this post is only for people, who like me, have either lived in a U.S./ Mexican Border State and/or are informed on this issue, and/or have experienced a clogged 24/7 San Ysidro border crossing and love the people of should fit at least one scenario to be qualified to respond.

Contrary to the corporate fascist free trade agenda people behind NAFTA, etc......Mexico has NOT been a poor, jobless country in recent years because of any ECONOMIC DISADVANTAGE whatsoever.

Selling this lie, was definitely included in the top 5 biggest scams ever pulled off to enrich the already wealthy corporations and their lobbyists......without so much of a gasp of media coverage. In fact, In a progressive world view, NAFTA should have been grounds for the Clinton impeachment...not his sexual proclivities......hello?

Mexico's dire, perpetual poverty level is 100% due to major corruption at all levels.....who suffers? The Mexican people have been ripped off.... Bernie Madoff style. The toll of the carnage to innocent, hard-working people from inaction is say the least!

The facts are currently, Mexico is the 13th LARGEST economy in the world...(not 39th hello?.. Nigeria!), for one....

From Tourism; that spans most of the beautiful country; the overall economy receives billions in revenue steadily, yearly....not to mention the estimated $11 Billion dollars wired and/or sent to loved ones trapped in the economic situation that is solely caused by an evil system of corruption and greed; and the more than 1,000,000 U.S. retirees who live there permanently.

To make a simple, realistic, and comparable analogy.....

If Mexico were to have a scale of government and corruption comparable to simple logic, any thinking person can see that their socio-economic situation would be at least.....NO WORSE proportionately, than Hungary's poverty and employment situations.

And Hungary has Tourism, I have lived there.........where would you rather live?

NOW,,,,after laying that all out....Here comes the question? Who should have been confronted by the U.S. Presidents' Administrations and then DIPLOMATICALLY THREATENED...That they need to STOP and pull the plug on their corruption...or face severe economic sanctions!

Who knows what would have played out for the better.....if the Kerry/Gore campaign would have tried this tough love pro-Mexican people anti-corruption approach.....Can you imagine how fired up the electorate would have been? I truly believe that ticket would have won...but thy never asked me to head their campaign...the rest is ...history!

Of course, they would have some job to do convincing Mexican Americans....that although sanctioned, it would be best for all of us to prove our due loyalty and get rid of this evil corruption that is strangling the precious people of Mexico....Viva La Raza!!!!!!

We all know here, the so called; "Imminent Al Qaeda threat to U.S. security" was a Bush/Cheney crime regime delusion, that unbelievably, our clueless, inept, corrupt congress gave them the power to execute a preemptive war.

I don't think I need to re-hash established talking points here...

One obvious simple solution that a 3rd grader could think of...Let's be smart and charge a progressive border crossing fee. How is this fair for taxpayers who never cross the border (most of us) foot that total bill....I'm all for for European-style smart socialism....but this is dumb, organized crime style socialism.....It would be comparable to; if deaf people had to personally subsidize rock concert venues...

The people who abuse the border by working in San Ysidro Border near San Diego, CA need to cough it up and pay for the stinking abuse, murder and daily torture of that crossing.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The U.S.A. Decadence Rap ...aka... Mostly Stuff That Stink Here Y'All

This post is meant to be rapped...

Start the loud, ghetto hyper-bass..... now... with the beat y'all....

American culture's ... extreme Materialism.... Individualism.... Corporate Fascism.... Family-value strainin,

Giant SUV... noisy, pollutin, gas guzzlin, obesity epidemic, stress-plex suburbia... sprawlin, buildin, uh..uh.. oh..oh..wake up..y'all...

hardly any walkin, too few can afford the walkable city deficit, we lackin European style fast rail, doin the snail man per car commutin'...mass transit shortfall ....listen to the loud folks!....screamin look at me....I'm cool.... I got a Pit Bull...pants are fallin...down at the school...fewer even graduatin...

cell phone abusin, loud, ghetto shakin... bass boomin, mass murder escalatin,

non-assimilatin, 'fitteen'..15.. languages ...all at once, ...dogs barkin and poopin everywhere,

self-centered... apathetic... greedy... rich people subsidizin, ....OH...SO... not sustainable...where's that "middle class"?...gone...forever...

say Ooooohhhh......say.... Ohhhhhh.....say Money..uh..uh..say..Greed..uh..uh ..... somebody screammmmmm!

...These Flaws Are Self Evident...Amend....Amend

The huge flaws in our republic and culture are self evident. The very issues that I am blogging and messaging about should be discussed face to face with our elected officials.

Debates and town-hall meetings, coffee party meetings are so infrequent and inconvenient. A republic really cannot work effectively, up to my standards....unless there is a huge grassroots movement that regularly monthly meets with those in congress face to face with peaceful, respectful, informed people that hold our congress accountable.

For lots of people, this is probably their only outlet to vent their frustration...which is very healthy!

Unfortunately, I am a realist....not an optimist....I see futility in our future, unless we are willing to morph into a better form..a better amending the dinosaur U.S. constitution that too may people overlook.

If it was a perfect document to begin with, it would have never been amended ......hello? ..Let's use logic here.

I would start by thinking outside the box and moving into the 21st century.

Congress doesn't need to physically be together to vote. Each State could have it's own U.S. FEDERAL congress with all fifty separate buildings.... thus making congress more accessible

A third grader could come up with better ideas than the failure that the status quo offers.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Isn't It Time to Quicken Our Current Process of Legislation and Tax Policy in the U.S.?

Which is faster; a snail called "Phil A. Buster", or the passage of a progressive policy that can be activated in a timely manner?

The analogy takes place at a hospital, where a person lays dying from starvation from a severe famine and they also have bleeding wounds. But before medical attention is given to the person, the staff decides to have a long, drawn out committee meeting about who will pay for the cost of the care; and a few coffee breaks. By the time they come around to start helping the victim, their kidneys have shut down...and now it's an emergency crisis situation....hmmmmm.....sound familiar?

Just abolishing the filibuster would be a huge start! Do you realize that the republican abuse of the filibuster has been so insane and is mostly responsible for the watered down health care bill that just barely, agonizingly squeaked through inept congress. Thank you, Rachel Maddow for making me aware of it on MSNBC!

The 60 vote majority garbage in the senate...has got to go!

Let's think outside the box with tax policy.....If banks can change interest rates quarterly; and corporations report earnings quarterly... I think it is stupid for governments at all levels to not change tax rates quarterly for higher revenues.

Especially now in turbulent economic times....taxes on income should be levied quarterly. The concept of a yearly tax return or credit report is arbitrary and extremely unwise; to say things kindly.

These are just a few examples of how even minor tweaks can make significant positive progressive changes.

Unfortunately too many citizens here worship our U.S. government model and too many wealthy and powerful people benefit from the SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWWWWW pace of our lethargic broken system here.

Any questions? Any answers? Would you like a cigarette?

Isn't It Time For The Dinosaur Auto for Urban Mass Transit To Become Extinct?

I think the time may be here for people to start seeing the absolute failure of the auto for urban mass transit.

When will U.S society at large realize that this individualist self-centered approach is unwise, unhealthy,and unprofitable?

No more clogged/ stressful /dangerous/ freeway/ insanity/ stupidity/ waste

The obesity epidemic is here...because too many Americans don't walk.....they drive....everywhere...hello? They eat pretty good in France too...but they walk and bike.....exercise...fresh pollution from walking and bicycling...!!!!

I propose:

1) Nationalizing Oil and Energy

2) Finally bring transportation and energy consumption in America to the 21st Century by imposing these standards:

a) A European High Speed rail between every major city and light rail for mass transit in every major city

b) The ultimate destruction of the dinosaur auto for urban mass transportation

3) Reasonable Defense but NO WAR

a) Obviously there will be less energy and funding for the Military Industrial Complex Pentagon....and more for sustainable green energy and jobs....imagine that

b) Obviously ...less bombs, murder and mayhem....better environment

Any questions? Any Answers? Would you like a cigarette?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Redefining The "Middle Class" Weakens Liberal Causes

I really have to shout something from the rooftops. Way too many people have bought into the re-definition of what "middle class" is. Simply put, true "middle class" is historically defined as a one-income family being able to buy a home, a car and support a family. Surprised? You shouldn't be. This was the definition of the vast majority of households here in the U.S. for many years. If you are not old enough to remember, just watch some of the popular TV shows from the 50's and 60's and even the early 70's.

What we used to call "middle class" is now more accurately a "working class" on steroids. Currently, most households need at least two or more incomes to provide for their families. They do have more stuff; mostly from China, a bigger home and additional (bigger) cars, but are in debt up to the eyeballs. How did we get here?

Somewhere in the sensuous decade of the 80's; amidst the birth of Reaganomics and the growing trend of building malls, suburbia, and becoming overly materialistic....this notion that we need to have two incomes to "keep up" became more and more popular. Then, in the prosperous 90's ...the trend went viral. So many people wanted "the good life" and used their homes as an ATM machine to buy bigger and more expensive homes. These and other major factors caused inordinate demand on (centrally located, yet decent neighborhood) housing which continued to inflate and pervert the market...."and the band played on"....

The need for a two-income family became a firmly established norm in the ever further spreading of the seemingly endless suburban sprawl. In many of the most expensive cities, by now, even two incomes were really not sufficient. Many people rented out rooms in their, now bigger homes, for the income they now needed to finance the economic insanity of urban America. This also has helped people like me, who hate apartments and I save a little money on rent!

I blame a significant part of the economic chaos of housing in urban America on our regressive tax policies, or not having a progressive real estate tax to help curb the artificial inflation and greedy speculation. I now just need to state that generally, it has been conservative, anti-labor policies of union busting, shipping jobs overseas, and the deregulation of the financial market that has decimated what was left of the "middle class". In my opinion, there is such a tiny, true middle class that we should just pronounce it "dead" circa the market crash of 2008 and the widest income gap seen in this country for almost 80 years!

When any liberal talks as if there is a "middle class", by even using this term; it weakens the cause to show how it was ALREADY dismantled completely by Reagan, and both Bush administrations. Please, enough damage has already been done! Let's make up our own terms that are appropriate for the new strata of classes which have been birthed out this economic nightmare caused by delusional "conservatives" which we accept as normal now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The "Free Market" Exposes Religious/Conservative Hypocrisy

I am Christian and I hate hypocrisy. That said, I will attempt to show that the extremely popular union of the cult of political conservative ideology with so many Christians or other moralists and religions is misguided. I will focus on one primary conservative tenet, namely the virtue of a so called, "free market".

Let's start with a biblical definition of freedom. True freedom is actually being bound by the laws of the One; all loving, all just and powerful God. Believers who are adhering and following His laws and commands are, as He promises, sowing seeds of everlasting prosperity through Him.

Let's contrast this with the insane notion that these values have anything at all to do with a complete, unfettered market which so many on the right espouse to be an ideal economic scenario. Prices are "free" to be set by the insane whims of the greedy and grossly overpaid (another issue of contention).

The market blindly sets prices that are "free" to be governed by the motivation of pure profit and greed, no matter how much artificial poverty it creates. Housing (shelter), and many other basic essential item values are then "free" to be inflated and overinflated way above and beyond the means of most working people and still they are "free" to skyrocket with no mercy.

This greed bubble is now "free" to keep on sucking in others, like a vacuum on steroids, to join in the market "ride" growing bigger until it finally; always bursts. Then, everyone affected by this burst has to endure the untold economic chaos that ensues in the aftermath.
How can you uphold this evil tenet, when Jesus talks about the weightier issues of justice, mercy and faith. How can you serve two masters? You can't! My God is not the god of chaos...the market god is the king of it!

I am sick of hearing all the blathering and repeated inane droning on about a failed tenet that doesn't even actually exist. There is no case in history where libertarianism ever worked at governing effectively. This ideology inanely assumes that most people will morally decide to magically "do the right thing"...because people are just naturally so good at governing themselves? Hello? There is still enough regulation in place that keeps our current market economy here in the US from totally imploding. We are truly not "free"....nor do we want to be....thank you!

In fact, if we would have had a progressive tax on income, real estate, and consumption; like they have in more civilized countries; we would never have seen this insane housing crisis that has finally imploded in the last few years. This crisis and others are simply the reaping of the bad, toxic seed that was sown to begin with.

Circa 1950 through the early 1970's, the average cost of housing was about 25% of average income and mostly afforded by a one income household. For over 30 years now, two or three household incomes are needed to buy a house that is at least an average of 40% or more of income and it still takes 30 years to pay off the debt. Wake up've been scammed by the cheap lure of materialism and a quick profit and you have become slaves of your own misguided values. What a bad "price" to pay....(pun intended).

It's pretty sad, that I can listen to atheists and unbelievers on the radio who can see right through this economic scam that has all but decimated the (under)"middle" class and the overall quality of life in many places, especially here in the U.S.

Do me a favor, stop whining about our current President, that a majority elected. Stop spouting the lie that progressive taxes are harmful, when they were extremely successful during the unparalleled economic growth from the end of Great Depression in 1938 until "The Gipper" began the regression to the economic insanity that we call "normal" now. Realize that it's our inept, corporate-bought-and-paid-for Congress that legislates these unjust laws, and instead, pray for Him and them; and please, get deprogrammed!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Can't We Have Lemonade?

Haven't we heard enough from the ideologues that consistently whine about "the way things ought to be?" Conservatives will keep on droning on about their god, the "free market" panacea for every problem; while Liberals will keep hanging on to government-run programs that have already been declared dead years ago.

We don't need another hardliner who talks about the government with a face like they were sucking lemons or another sweet talker who oozes sugar; while pushing their misguided agenda like a used car salesman. We need a bartender.

Let me explain. Simply stated, most people intuitively realize that there are major problems with profit-driven, cut-throat capitalism; as well as serious problems with top down, motivation-destroying socialism.

Well, let's say... lemons stand for capitalism; and, let's say... sugar stands for socialism. I think that sums it up for me. Both lemons and sugar eaten by themselves are extreme to the taste buds and unappetizing. But, put them together, in the right combination, and add water....voila...there we have wonderful, refreshing lemonade!

But you ask, "what does the lemonade stand for?" Of course, it stands for Social Capitalism. It's fairly successful and has been around the world long enough for its benefits to be realized. Google it and see what the real "center" looks like. Add some ice and enjoy. Cool off and stop whining!