Sunday, June 06, 2010

Get Some Thicker Skin Already!

I think we could all use some thicker skin....In the US culture today, all I hear is people getting "offended" over things that will not matter...even 5 minutes later..
Not to mention....eternity.

...."They used the N word"......."Your sarcasm stung me"....."That's not loving." Religious expression intolerance seems to be fostered in this environment.
In the news today...a group of conservatives are going to protest...that a mosque is planned to be built near "ground zero" in NYC..
Grow up people...and let God deal with the situation....

It's very disingenuous's NOT about being offended....
It's really about power and control of free speech.
There are actually countries that are more free than the US.

When I was in Malta on vacation; I was taking a ride on a public bus, when I noticed that a Christian radio station was playing....
You really notice how dark and uptight America has become when you travel abroad to most countries....
This is one good way of breaking the chain of redneck and see; there are many other
countries offering better things to their citizens....
but, should I wave those flags?.....Why?

The red flag should be raised....if you have thin skin!..
Go find some thicker skin.

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Rebecca said...

I thoroughly agree! The only thing that offends me is an unwillingness to base an opinion on facts.