Thursday, June 03, 2010

Is The Faith Of The Founding Fathers Relevant?

I have read both sides of the issue of whether the "founding fathers" were or were not Christian. I have come to the conclusion that the knowledge of this fact is not
very helpful to many of the problems we face in the U.S. today.

Even as our current US congress in 2010, has the lowest possible approval ratings....

We could go through their writings...or pass around a microphone and record them; most, if not all of them; saying wonderful things about their personal relationships with their Creator and feelings about Religion.

We could look at these statements and say....ahhh... these people are SO moral and spiritual...really? But, talk is cheap...very cheap; and, in fact, getting cheaper!

The bottom line is.....It's not about talk and writing...anyone can look at my writings and find wonderful statements and goals that I have made.....

But, actually it's about continually striving to live up to those standards; which is another story.....a historically failed story; not seen clearly because of the myopia, small-mindedness, and ignorance of nationalism gone awry.

It's about government and corporate policies that promote true cooperation through brave and altruistic community actions....which cannot be done in the sterile atmosphere of "rugged individualism" and the equally deadly motto "If it's successful". Significant periods in U.S. history reveals time after time; the mediocre, problematic, and shameful policies that encourage disunity, frustration, hatred, violence, indifference, perversion, and apathy.

Slavery, racial inequality, rule by the wealthy, ...and later in the 1800's; child labor and over-powerful giant business cartels etc...We are still paying for those sins to this day. Also, sadly, the current U.S. policy of a sub-historical minimum wage that has been operating since 1982; in my view, is equivalent to theft from hard working people. It has definitely weakened the backbone of U.S labor.

These are some of the shameful actions that were part of "our founding"...and still are mostly being carried on today. This notion that the U.S. deserves some
special recognition because of the faith of these "founders" is pure propaganda, and actually takes away the spotlight from the hypocrisy, nationalism, and unjust policies that are shameful and are wreaking havoc in the US and the world today.

All the rhetoric is actually an insult to our struggling Christian brethren in China and other places that risk, torture, prison, and death for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

*The Israelites under Solomon; experienced "the good life", as good as it gets on earth....and Solomon said it was all...vanity....

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