Sunday, May 09, 2010


Amend America....our "elected" plutarchy is a corrupt failure.....

Amendments that I propose:

All lawyers from each area of the U.S. will be randomly selected to serve as a representative with no party affiliation ....each one selected will write an essay " why they want to serve" salary...just room, board, we then vote for the person who produces the best essay and policies....

The Senate shall be abolished.

Political Parties shall be abolished...just write down your policies..and we will know whether you are right or not...

Television advertising shall be political ads...

Corporations shall be limited in size ...not able to be more powerful than government policy.

All corporate lobbying shall be abolished.

All procedures that cause stagnation, like the filibuster shall be abolished.

...Or watch this corrupt empire fall...

Constitutions are man- made...anything man-made needs to be amended...and boy this one is about 60 years overdue!

To Socialize....Or Not To Socialize...That Is The Question

It's interesting; when you analyze many issues that govern our comes down to:

Whether the government has too much regulation...or not enough. I have found, generally, that the policies that do not promote fairness are either.......not socialized ...and should be...or are socialized...and shouldn't be.

My list of areas that ARE socialized governmentally...or corporately..and should NOT be...

1) could be strongly argued ; there would be a better outcome if schools were private ...and not an entitlement..

2) Radio and TV is a form of corporate socialism...subsidized by tax credits and insulting advertising.

3) Border Patrol should be paid for with crossing fees. Why should taxpayers foot that bill?

4) Farm, oil subsidies, and other corporate welfare should cease

My list of areas that are NOT socialized and SHOULD be..

1) The cost and rental of real estate should be regulated and progressively taxed to curb spiraling based... unsustainable prices.

2) Health care costs...could be covered by progressive taxes...instead of insurance cartels....that price for profit...

3) Food pricing should be regulated to match...the realities of poverty and waste

4) Transportation should be heavily subsidized or outright owned by the State..Private enterprise has failed just as miserably to address this issue and others...

It's past time for more people with ears to hear.... that.. It's not about labels.....It's about whether it works better for everyone overall or whether it is the disgraceful status quo.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Failures Of The Plutocratic State

Corporations and infrastructural systems should ultimately exist in a fiduciary capacity and their size and power determined only by the consent of the government..."We The People.".....Constitutionally...WE should have the Last Word.

Big government is not our nemesis...big monopolizing corporations are.....the hypocrites on the right are OK with our big, corrupt government funded military that has bankrupted us, yet many military personnel need food stamps...can you smell that smell?

Our government has done a really good job in many areas to regulate business and ensure that our citizens enjoy a fairly high quality of life with a minimal amount of corruption and negligence.

Some obvious failures of the State..which warrant federal law suits are:

1) Our lack of a country-wide European high speed rail system---the only logical reason we don't have one is -- powerful big oil wanted the profits from car use/abuse.

2)Television and not provide what most people want to view/listen to...There's a cure for per view/listen ...and no more television advertising that is subsidized by the government...Let the market decide.

3)Banks are a problem...they need your make their money..and they give back very little and charge usurious interest rates

4) House ownership should be considered a basic there needs to be aggressive local government community planning with oversight on home builders... to include smaller homes and apartment homes priced for all income levels with low lawns.., etc.

A. These houses need to be in a self -contained village where you do not need a car. There has to be a standard that a majority can agree to. Obviously megalopolis type cities are a stressful and blighted U.S disgrace.

B. Progressive property taxes to curb the insane and unsustainable housing inflation disgrace.

5) Speak out against destructive influences in society and openly debate these issues to garner support. Real leaders take stands against greed , corruption, and immorality that weaken the nation.

A) the most disappointing are the overpaid of our society that contribute very little to it's edification...PSSSST...Oprah...start a bullet train company...not another cable network...

6) Get a grip on immigration and start charging a fee to cross the border!

7)Not having.. National Corruption-Free Non-Profit Health Care for Citizens. Not having Medicare for all citizens is age discrimination and should be unconstitutional.

These are the 7 reasons why most people are so angry...there's no Europe here..... there's no affordable villages for most people to walk in; live in; relax in; not enough large outdoor cafes to talk and relax and ease of transport(public)...and families are stressed because they have to work and work to pay off that bloated debt of materialism/greed where's the time to have the best of the European

There's 300,000,000 people here and only a few of these Euro-style cities....New York, San Francisco, Chicago...simply not affordable...and Europe has hundreds and hundreds of villages and cities extensively connected by train.

Wake up've been scammed!!!