Sunday, April 11, 2010

Television and Radio Reform

I know this is radical and will probably never happen, but although almost 50, I am still idealistic.
That said,
I think we all pay too much for television and radio, and unfairly pay for what we do not collectively, as consumers, watch or listen to.
Most Television and Radio programs,judged by common moral standards, are decisively trashy and negative; even "News".

We all pay for TV and radio indirectly, as in; more costly consumer products and services anyway.

I propose a total revamp of TV and Radio broadcasting as we know it.
Changing it from the current system, to a regulated, pay-per-view/listen system.

The upside of this reality also contains compromises that I would accept...showing my pragmatic side.

No annoying commercials; especially pharmaceutical and law firms.
No political ads allowed, positive or negative
The freedom of not being forced to subsidize and be exposed to programming that one does not choose to support.

Of course, this includes the end of advertising being allowed as a business tax expense deduction.

Hello? Quality costs.... but subsidized mediocrity costs much more.

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