Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reform/Rename Social Security, Medicare policy, Discount policy and Stop Age Discrimination

Social security is a total joke and a Ponzi scheme.

First, it should be renamed and called ...Social Insurance... because:

1) It is now a de facto welfare program because millions of people are getting checks that are already wealthy and have received way more than they paid in. Bankrupt?....duh? thanks to our wonderful, out of touch, plutocratic legislators.

2) If the SSA was run as an insurance company, people would pay in AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALIVE !
3) People in the highest income brackets should not qualify for welfare, which is exactly what the system currently is.

4) MEDICARE for ALL... The fact that all people under 65 are not eligible for Medicare is simply.. Age Discrimination.... think about it.. heh heh, you don't get health care... because I'm a Senior and I am better than you.....It's simply bad, draconian civil rights policy that we only help Seniors with medical expenses.

Senior Discounts? Really? Guess which age brackets are proportionately the wealthiest by total assets?.... 65-75 yr. olds!

Talk about entitlements....this really takes the cake!

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