Monday, April 26, 2010

New Rules

1) Paying taxes is an honor----stop whining---trust me, Oprah will not need food stamps if she's taxed 2% higher

2) Too much Pride ---- is a bad thing---- where you were born, certain opportunities, and what you look like ---you had nothing to do about it---unless you had work done

3) All wealth and attention received does not equal ...All wealth and attention earned.... our country's obsession with the rich and famous ---is a wrong thing---when Oprah decides to start her own bullet train company instead of investing in another stupid cable network.....(yeah, we need more materialism)....then we can give her some kudos.

4) Elections are not "won"...they are concluded... It is not a football game..don't get too excited.... for more of the same two party plutarchy corruption compromise

5)You cannot be greedy and expect a low unemployment rate......"It's the housing market....stupid" many jobs can there really be when so many people are paying up to 50% of income for artificially inflated housing, forcing the need for two job income households, and being in debt to the loan sharks...and we still have millions immigrating here.....job outsourcing, etc....

6) Christian an oxymoron.....just because we limit government and lower taxes.. it will not make all the problems go away.....Mexico and Somalia fit that definition.....any questions?...any answers?...ride a bullet train lately..?

Feel free to add more "rules" to my constructive satire a la Bill Maher

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