Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hypocrisy , Fear, And Hysteria... U.S. Food Staples?

The fear-mongers of the airwaves and print media are getting fat, and I mean a grossly obese overcompensation; living off the fear and the anger of the intellectually feeble minded.
Much of the political commentary in the U.S.has gone from cynical to practically insane.

There is so much "crying wolf" out there in the ether, that when there really is an actual, tangible threat ...everyone will be asleep at the wheel....... like on 9/11/2001 !

It's like being in some strange country that I don't remember. Where does credibility lie when Fear is portrayed as factual and Reality is considered relatively unimportant?

Of course, like any profit driven demoniac, the only way to curb this insanity would be to change the standards and change how media is funded.

Ending the tax deduction for all business advertising would be a good start.

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