Saturday, April 03, 2010

Trickle-Down Delusion

I think it is ironic that so much of the anger and chaos among our U.S. population are currently coming from the right wing conservatives and the Tea Party protesters. I say "ironic" because I think that most of the core issues that affect the quality of life of millions of people negatively everyday are not usually mentioned by most of the loudest and richest voices on the right.

The insecurity-based, corrupt and inordinate money spent on "defense", as well as unjust war crimes is in itself an enormous part of federal spending. The unreasonable cost of housing and health care; the neglectful lack of inexpensive rapid mass transit; and the continued downward spiral of real wages for working people; actually stem from those mostly urban issues not having ENOUGH funding and government regulation. In other words... they are RIGHT of center and need to move LEFT (back to the center) to affect positive change. These are just some of the burgeoning effects of greed (not addressed by nearly every policies endorsed by the right).

Basically, what we have here is the same old tired theme that we have repeatedly heard since Ronald Reagan got elected in 1980. We continually hear the vocal minority reacting contrarily to the clear needs and wants of the majority. Let's face it; generally, the "bluer" the locale, the more urban and more highly educated the people are. Why does most of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have a higher quality of urban life than the United States in almost every category? Many of their policies value the common good versus the policies that value individualistic consumption, greed and monopoly that are popular here.

The U.S. population is nearly 80% urban now, but its urban infrastructure funding does not reflect this reality. In 2008 the Urban Land Institute estimated that we run an annual infrastructure funding deficit of at least $170 billion.

Foolishly, most of the right has thought that cutting taxes, yet continuing to wage unnecessary war; defend the world and explore space, while neglecting important issues here at home, and still continuing to increase governmental expenditures...somehow the market would just work it all out...yeah right! "Trickle-Down Delusion" is what I would call it.

Obviously, if you live and work in an insulated U.S. suburban area or a smaller town, make a six+ figure salary, and love your dinosaur auto, you probably will not be supporting high speed rail for mass transportation.... I have a feeling I am not in Switzerland anymore!

Click on the title for a link to see a list of quality of life ranking of top world cities.

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