Friday, April 02, 2010

How Much Government Is Enough?

I want enough government control until the greed, corruption, incompetence, the lawlessness; destruction of the middle class and overall urban quality of life in our society is checked.

One main problem is the Deifying of the man-made systems at work here in the US...
I believe any man-made system needs to be tweaked and amended from time to time and not be "set in stone", especially amidst a misguided nationalistic fervor.

Of course those that benefit the most, or the status quo , will not want many, if any, changes to the plutarchy here that they worship.

I am so grateful there were US leaders who did a great job regulating business and levying fair taxation .....circa 1950 - 81 (pre-Reagan)... this is US History.

This is when the head of the average household could afford to buy a home,a car, raise a family and the quality of urban life was the highest in the world.

This is a history of a good standard that we can compare with life here and now.

We have been in steady decline since then, and more recently, dramatic decline.

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